Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)



    • jed


  • Paula_

    Gooood mooorning dear Chivers & Chivettes!
    It was snowing yesterday so I took a little sleyride: http://j.mp/dS182k

    – I'll be back

    • pmutter

      you are a whore paula

    • Mega-X

      Why do you do this to us Paula? -.- and who shot you 3 times in the shoulder with a tranquilizer?

      • Paula_

        Ah those shots… yes… I had no idea sleying was sooo competitive…
        Anyway somewhere in Germany they're wondering "why zhe hell are over zwohundred and zwenty people openieng zhat image in zhe last four hourz?"

        – the red-nippled reindeer

    • Quatchi


    • steve

      Paula, you's a trollin dirtbag.
      but you keep things lively.
      chive on

    • interesting

      That looks to be rough on the nipples

    • prankster

      sleigh ride. ho.

    • mark

      What has been seen cannot be unseen.

    • eclipze

      lol.. I hope Paula is not someone from theChive office playing a prank.

  • bbqboobs

    #1 Black ops: "Special Olympics Edition"

    • mtpuckhead

      Is that Tommy Chong?

    • ROK247


  • http://thechive.com/ BobbaFett


    The Fetts have a long tradition of awesomeness.

    • Ben E. Dict

      you mean like when he He tracks the Millennium Falcon to Bespin and then just calls Darth Vader in while he sits with his thumbs up his armored ass? or rest of the time, when he just stands around with his arms crossed, trying to look badass? he's like a kid at a death metal show who doesn't want anyone to know his mom is going to be picking him up at 11.

      when the time comes for him to finally throw down, he rocket-jumps over to Jaba's skiff and immediately gets his gun chopped in half by Luke Skywalker. sure, he ties Luke up and delays him for a second, but that only lasts until Han Solo accidentally smashes into his jetpack with a pole and sends him tumbling into a man-eating sand vagina, screaming like a Muppet. the final nail in his coffin is a goddamned wardrobe malfunction. Think about that while you're being digested for the next thousand years, sir.

      • Former Strom Trooper

        (sorry didn't mean to repost the whole thing) QFT

    • Mr. Shush

      Sadly, the caption is a FAIL. Rear-admiral is a naval rank, not an army one.

      • NotaTrap

        Um, read the bottom of the pic…it says "NAVY"

        • Mr. Shush

          I swear it said army when I looked at the damn thing the first time. I must be losing my friggin' mind.

  • bbqboobs

    #2 Oh, the things you could get away with as a kid.

    • PedoBear

      Was thinking the same thing

    • Dixie_Normous

      i hope he found one who was going commando

    • Will Wheaton

      "Now go make Daddy proud,son!"

    • BloodScrubber

      Future Chiver for sure. I would personally buy him a Chive t-shirt for that. B)

  • Barkbark


    • russel

      okay, i just got it. "track ball". as in, the motion you make with your finger on a track ball. clever girl.

    • nom nom

      "Do you know how hard it is to be a white woman carrying a black man's baby in 'Merica?"

      • V4Vendetta14

        Why are they heavy or something? Have that baby do some pilates…

  • http://www.facebook.com/St.ChristopherPinto Christopher Pinto


    see what I did there. lol

    • http://bella-d.tumblr.com Bella

      #16 is the actual reaction of a child in a sex ed class.

      • ReyTiburones

        I thought he might have just caught a whiff of the fart he let rip…

  • disturbed

    #2 Well There's your problem right there! #11 Opulence – I's has it.

  • Quatchi


    Fuck yeah

    • Lauren Gentile

      My eyes were drawn into the Dude first…
      Such a cool picture!

      • G-mo

        You are officially the coolest chick ever.

        • Lauren Gentile

          Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

          But in all seriousness, thank you G-mo. 🙂

    • ENGINENO99

      God damn, i was gonna say, 'the dude abides', beat me to the punch

  • pmutter

    not gonna lie, pretty disappointing daily morning awesomeness

    • Brother Maynard


  • tiffany

    not that pleased, what happened guys?

    • sasuke

      yeah, it did kinda suck.

    • jonathan

      Reddit broke.

  • davi311b

    #10 if that is a regulation sized rim then those children can jump very high

  • https://www.facebook.com/marksantiagorea Mark Rea

    #3 gonna that bitch balloons…. bitches love balloons.

    • Maynard B.

      how about you get that bitch an original comment instead? i hear they love those even more.

    • quintus

      Why are you ruining such an awesome picture with such an unoriginal comment?

      #3 is just plain awesome. Leave it alone, nothing you can say will make it better than it already is.

      • Yippers

        Looks like a real life Banski

  • caleb

    Woah, Donatello has really let himself go #22

    • HANK

      Thats Raphael duh!

      • caleb

        Nope, Don's headband is purple, Raph's is red.

  • disturbed

    #19 Hail to The King baby!

    • The_BOFH

      Always a great movie…

      • bud

        i believe 'Evil Dead 2' to be the best

    • baconfortress

      "It's a trick, get an axe."

  • thegame

    at least one repost. not too bad that time.

  • Brent Verwymeren

    They all look unimpressed #22 …f**k you "3D"

  • hueyrocks

    #6 – "Must go faster! Must go faster!"

    • deebo

      Hmmmmm……I've heard this in another Super-smash box office multi-billion dollar movie he was in. A movie with another guy who has happened to saved this world on numerous occasions. Its a movie with a guy whose daughter whips her hair back and forth.

  • Hero_ofthe_Day

    That was my favorite scene from that movie, it was just so cool. That whole movie was pretty damn funny, or pretty cussing funny anyway

    • FLHomesteader

      "Are you cussing at me"?

      Quite a fantastic movie.

    • Gibby

      Great movie, I dont think ill ever stop clicking and whistling.

    • Big E

      beagles love blueberries

    • dub

      "I have a phobia of wolves"

    • scottydo

      agreed…very cool movie.

  • Quatchi

    It's Friday, Friday
    Gotta get down on Friday
    Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend
    Friday, Friday
    Gettin' down on Friday
    Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend

    Partyin', partyin' (Yeah)
    Partyin', partyin' (Yeah)
    Fun, fun, fun, fun
    Lookin' forward to the weekend

    • musetv

      A random dude has started quoting Rebecca Black. Is this awesome?


    • Joe

      You are a communist.

    • thetech2

      shit damn fuck off now see what you did fuck

    • Laura

      Damn you. Now I will be singing that stupid song all day.

    • Rebecca Black

      That's great, man, someone had to do it and I'm glad it wasn't me today.

  • acash


    more animals i don't hate

    • superfuckingburnt

      best derp face EVAR!!

  • Hansel

    #16 It took months of planning, but Jerad successfully Rick Rolled those damn 5th graders.

  • The Hatter

    is that the Sherminator? I was wondering what he was doing

    • 419FoLife

      Don't hate on my boy Shaun Hegarty.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #22 damnit, now i cant find my old 3D glasses. this is awesome!.
    #12 happens all the time when someone shouts "chive on!"

    • Brother Maynard

      when i hear someone mention "chive on", i reach for my gun.

  • chrisdg74

    #19 – Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.
    Great movie.

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