Beautiful photos of beautiful women, NOW with pictures (25 Photos)

I was testing your observation skills. You passed on all accounts.

These photos and more via TomaszZienkiewicz

  • Sadie1182

    I don't see any pictures?

    • Charles Newbold

      I see your picture. You look beautiful.

      • PwnMaster69

        Haha win

      • Sadie1182

        LOL Thanks 🙂

    • JohnQ

      i agree with charles. B)

      • pangalacticgargle

        Sloppy seconds or rebound? Just a matter of semantics.

      • Sadie1182

        Thanks to you too! 🙂

        • pangalacticgargle

          Hey I think you are extremely attractive too. But I understand we'd never work out because of my foul sense of humor.

          • Sadie1182

            Wow lol… I outta post on here more often… My ego got a huge boost this morning! Thank you gentlemen 🙂

            And pangalacticgargle: the foul sense of humor is no problem, I have one of those myself (else why would I be on the Chive?), but I am happily married lol… thank you for the compliment though!

            • pangalacticgargle


              Real women FTW!

    • spykee

      nice to see women coming in to share what we:men, love——women.
      looking at them is like looking at the ocean——you just look and you feel elevated.
      no matter how big a pervert a man is,he has this feeling.

  • nigger


  • ReyTiburones

    My hopes….are now crushed 😦

    • Guesty

      Your hopes… are really fucking low

  • NUB


    • Guesty

      Why do you not type in common English?

      • phil


        • Guesty


        • Urban

          LOL I love MEME

      • lol

        Internetz fail

        • Guesty

          *Internet, you are not a six year old girl

          • lol

            god i fucking hate you

            • Guesty

              You'll be alright, just remember to leave the z off shit, unless if has to do with adorable kitty cat's, you faggot

            • guest

              rule 13

    • NUB

      Y SO MANY REPLIES?! I am no longer forever alone! *-*..!!

  • davisrj

    Damn you Monday! Looks like I'm gonna have to go and be productive at work.

  • Frank

    What gives?

  • Dustin Miller


  • michaelj

    the guy who works on the iphone app must've done this one

  • NonfatWombat

    #3 is kinda bland…

    • Daris

      Thumbs up for your funny name / picture.

    • The Dude

      ended up being not so bad

    • HuskerDu

      If by "kinda bland" you mean the best looking, then you sir are correct.

    • echogeo

      I dunno, Klaudia Łosin reminds me a bit of Ms Beckinsale, which can't be a bad thing.

    • Ateka

      She is the prettiest one in the gallery, for sure.

  • Wutwut

    It's MONDAY!!!

  • zym

    OK, Bob fucked up. Everybody on the count of 3, say "Bob fucked up". Ready? 1….2….3…..

    • GRyde

      Guy in the next cube wants to know who Bob is. And what he f-ed up. Another Chiver is born!

      • Nazz1962

        That's awesome! I'm sure you hooked him with a sample of Friday's Sexy Chivers?

        • GRyde

          His productivity level has reached rock bottom. The Chive archives run deep with awesome.

          • Nazz1962

            … true indeed, true indeed!

            • John Strong

              What have you done?

  • Guesty
    • SeesThruTheFog

      Thanks Guesty…I needed that.

  • GI Joe

    Thank God it's not just me….

    • GI Joe


  • davisrj

    Am I the only one clicking the refresh button every 10 seconds?

  • lol

    much like the chive logo t-shirts…

  • Brandon Reinhart

    Great now i have blue balls

  • jake newton

    I hate my life as well as everyone near me

  • dacrawla

    I think my F5 key is broken. I no see pictures.

  • JohnQ

    #6 Dang!! she's really hot

    • ????

      nail'ed it. extra points for johnQ

  • abcshole

    I'm blind! My eyes!

  • Nazz1962

    Way to go, Bob! lol 😉

  • tazemebro


  • Guesty

    If you read everything, you would realize I indeed know what a meme is, and where the saying is coming from, just that there is 0 originality in near anything that people post here, because they overuse the same lame sayings, "MOAR, Y NO, Get that bitch a… etc. etc." So you, el tardo, are the one that failed…

    • pangalacticgargle

      Winning an online argument is like winning the Special Olympics

      • yunofun?

        way to start shit, Guesty…how does it feel to know all chivers hate you?

        • lol

          pay no attention to him….pompous internet troll is pompous

          • Guesty

            again, the original thought you have is mind blowing… wanna have a "Can't explain that" response next? Or maybe a scumbag steve reference? dumbass

            • pangalacticgargle

              I bet you have fantastic taste in upholstery fabric.

              • Guesty

                I do. It's important. You'll realize that after you move out of your mother's basement

                • lol

                  scumbag guesty says bros before hoes mah nigga…..bangs ur sister

                  • Guesty

                    very weak. Not sure why you are using lol as a tag, not very funny

                    • lol

                      no LOLs here…get ur ass in my office!

                    • Guesty

                      Well you went from not being funny, to turning gay… Think you need to make up your mind friend

                    • lol

                      quit thumbing urself queer

                    • guesty

                      You almost had me with that office thing. clever.. maybe you should just stick to ripping off lame comments…

        • Guesty

          From the sampling of you wonderful people, it feels pretty good actually. Would hate to think I am anything like you

          • hipsteralert

            You probably have an amazing personality…but we've probably never heard of it.

            • Guesty

              nope, pretty much a dick all the time.

            • AVERAGE CHIVER

              HAHAHAHAH That's never been said before! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

              • vealsandwich

                …I'd never heard it before

  • _PandaJerk

    "These photos and more" – Well…you're half right, there are definitely more lol

  • medtxpack

    imaginary Chive….fail.

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