Everything on the internet is true (30 photos)

  • Joe


    when you haven't done a damn to fix your own continent, why expect others to do it for you

  • venromero

    #2 ill take her either way! makeup n hair dye is a cheap fix brothers!

  • blah

    umm..'Gandhi' not 'Ghandi'. Cheers.

  • http://cs08memories.blogspot.com/ Prachi

    Amazing facts..want to know more, check this: http://cs08memories.blogspot.com/2011/08/most-ama

  • Always Last


  • Wade

    I have a friend with cerebral palsy and if he took an IQ test he would probably score below a 75 BUT he has said some of the simplest but most profound things I've heard in all my life. Don't be too presumptuous to think brilliance can't come from a layman.

  • sufi_ninja

    # 26 John, I salute you.

  • Jesse

    #7 completely accurate…Hooray infinite collarbone girl!!

  • Pezski

    I like my steak still mooing but sunburnt

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