Group of friends head out for a picnic when out of nowhere… (10 Photos)

This all took place when a group of friends in Central Russia set out to have a picnic.

  • jaguar1024

    I was expecting Bill Murray……………….

  • dean

    they stopped at 10 because animal instincts kicked back in after that!

    • jed

      a group of unidentifiable people were found mauled in a Russian forest this morning…

  • Wavien

    #5 Found a cougar. Better let it drink my piss.

    • uhh?

      it's a lynx…

      • Mook

        Go drink some piss.

    • FunnyLOL


      It's a Bobcat people!

      • mitter78

        It's definitely a lynx.

      • Yucky

        Bobcats don't live in Russia, smart guy.

    • fool

      #2 does that tail looked bobbed to you? its a lynx

  • tomnickles

    I was expecting a hospital visit lol. Nice to see it was all good

  • GoForth

    I give these guys credit. I would have thrown the picnic basket at the cat and ran like helL!

    • loso

      running just gets their attention and the chase would be on…..but not for long

  • Sizzle

    I'm sorry, it's cool/cute and all, but what kind of a fucking moron tries to pet a dangerous wild animal like that?

    • Wavien

      In Soviet Russia, being awesomely brave doesn't equal that one is a moron.

    • DistractedIndividual

      I have pet a wild fox before, it's quite an awesome experience…I would've tried too:)

      • Ryno

        I have a monkey that you can pet.

        • vealsandwich

          I cried, I wept, I lol'ed

          • @valorikx221

            you and I both lol

    • some bloke

      Animals don't attack humans for fun. Don't believe everything that you see in the movies.

      • WallyBalls

        That still doesn't mean that one wrong move might frighten it into action.

    • Jack

      Idiots do that to bears here. Then the bears equate humans with food, which usually turns out badly for the next poor guy out walking that has no sandwich to give up to a bear that is used to handouts.

    • Lightbulb

      >This guy! The next time you go to the club and hit on that hottie at the end of the bar, use the "I pet the kitty in woods story. Got pics to prove it. I kept it as a pet." Named it Karl, he likes tator-tots and jell-o shots.

    • northerner

      My thoughts too. It's a wild animal. It could maul the crap out of all of them in an eyeblink. Not nice to fool with Mother Nature. She bites. And scratches, and….not too smart guys…not too smart.

    • Blip

      Oh come on, it's just like a dog, but it's a cat.

    • Moda


  • Jak

    I'd take it home for more of a chance to get mauled by it

  • bettingonthecubs

    the gingers always die first

    • bricedenice

      I was surprised to see Russian Gingers.

  • big meech

    this would happen in russia

  • DistractedIndividual

    #8 It's soo cute:) Call me stupid all you want but I would have tried to pet it too…

    • Will Wheaton


      • lol


    • @valorikx221

      I would have as well but would have had my glock 26 close at hand

      • Trent

        Perfect logic there. I'm going to approach a wild animal in it's own habitat with the intent to pet it, but if it gets upset I'm going to shoot it.

  • Nazz1962

    In Soviet Russia, pussy finds you!

    • Sharky

      best line all day

      • Zip

        for realz.

    • Dookes


  • dub

    Haters gonna hate. I think this is GRRRRREAT!

  • ISU Birds

    #2 Well hello mr. cuddly litle Lynx.

    • Fswag

      It's a bobcat. Same genus, different species.

      • potzy

        According to Wiki the bobcat is native to north America, not Russia?

      • WallyBalls

        If it's in Russia it's the Eurasian Lynx (Scientific name-Lynx lynx). Bobcats are North American.

        • anonnnnn

          this is one of the rarest animails on earh

  • yabootz

    it's all fun and games until one of your friends gets eaten.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Then it's on Youtube.

  • Jarrod McReynolds

    First off that is a bobcat, and there is no way that they just walked up on this thing and started petting and playing with it. I would like to pull out my BULLSHIT card at this time.

    • Brad

      I was thinking the same thing, it's their pet and either these people went out there with the explicit intent of fooling people or pics were taken from a larger photo-set to try to fool people…

      either way, stop bothering the wild animals…

    • GRyde

      #1 Funny…your bobcat has a tail. Hmmmm…

    • Gabriel Burgi

      I call the BS flag on you, Sir. That would have to be the biggest damned bobcat in the world…ever heard of a Eurasian Lynx?

      The internets be filled with all kinds of informations…but you've probably never heard of it.

      • Kim

        Come on guy, Jarrod obviously knows everything about, well, that thing that Jarrod doesn't know what it is.

    • Escelante

      Did you not read? The article said the cat walked up to them! Install a window in your stomach so you can read while your head is stuck up your ass.

    • growup

      its a wild animal…. its more likely desensitized to humans… you never had squirrels come up to you that were not scared of you at all?

      • silkystealthsurgeon

        more likely its habituation- its come across humans before and has learned that it can get food from them, and is often unharmed so is not wary…

  • Robin

    #5 Holy ginger Batman!

  • Lars from Norway

    In Russia cougar be afraid of you

    • WestPalmP

      nice try lars

  • OGMrWhite

    That cat knew he'd end up on Chive if he didn't kill the messengers, next time they show up….

  • Brad

    I think you should leave wild animals alone, what happens if it approaches people again and they shoot it because they are scared?

  • kyle

    I too was expecting bill murray. Something isn't right here, this lynx had to be raised in captivity or this is staged or something. They are poached and hunted soooo much that if this thing is wild it won't survive very long.

  • Jarrod McReynolds

    I never realized how similar a bobcat and a lynx are. It for sure if not a cougar, but I'm not sure if it is a bob cat or a lynx, and I still call BS that it is a wild…my guess is domesticated.

    • TitoRigatoni

      Bobcats have much shorter tails.

    • Kim

      Ahh, more from the "I don't know what it is, but I know everything about it" guy. LOL.

    • Yucky

      Much shorter tails and nowhere near that big. They are quite different indeed.

  • That Guy

    was the footage recovered from a bloody scene and no one to be found?

  • CaptainWow

    #9 …in Russia, the cat pets you.

  • hMMMM

    That looks like a cub…so likely it wasn't that aggressive, especially with it being fed. Mama might be around the corner, though.

  • Rory Mac


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