Group of friends head out for a picnic when out of nowhere… (10 Photos)

This all took place when a group of friends in Central Russia set out to have a picnic.

  • I thought it was gonna be bill Murray too!


  • Mark Lutz

    OMG they are idiots! that thing could have ripped them a new one. Speaking from experience, they look cute but are quite mean and nasty.

  • Ashley

    So I guess I'm the only one that was caught up by sideways mullet thing in #9??

  • TxsMoe

    They're in a forest of sweet gum trees. Sweet gums don't grow in Russia.

    Plus there's a ginger. Everyone knows ginger's aren't allowed to grow in Russia either.

  • Jarrod McReynolds

    #5 I looked at this picture for 5 minutes hopping it was a GIF were the lynx attacks mullet girl.

  • Matthew

    the comment above is extremely unfunny and frankly embarrassing to read.

  • LCA

    Photoshopped. Its a bobcat, full grown. But if you look at the photos the size of the cat in relation to the people changes. Totally faked. Bobcats are nocturnal in the wild and would not be out in day light….also they are very elusive and would not let people approach them. Fake!

    • _PandaJerk

      What a sad life you must lead…

    • Jack

      Cool. Where are the pictures of the bobcat you speak of?

    • Jack

      Oh and you mean it changes in relation to weather the people are in the foreground or background. Funny how that works.

  • Doug

    What Kind of cat? Eurasian Lynx? #10 was smart to hold the front limbs. Not a pet.

  • Maynard B.

    Some people have no common sense. There's a reason they're not domesticated.

  • _PandaJerk

    Jealous. I would have loved to do that. Of course I'm much more cowardly, I would have wounded one of my friends and knocked them over to judge how it reacted first, but still. Wildlife-ing-it like a boss.

  • The Spicy Italian

    Do people seriously think that all wild animals do is look for people to eat? They are 2x its size and outnumber it so it isn't going to risk fighting them

  • Anonymous

    He was just playing with them until his friends arrived 5 minutes later and mauled their faces

  • HellHath NoFury

    Wow, I guess you took over the 'not funny' corner while I was away.

    • Blumpkin

      Holy shit! Look who's back. I thought you changed your name to Paula.

    • Poorad




  • HellHath NoFury

    Lynx or it didn't happen.

    • Beau Young

      It's gotta be a wildlife park where people visit/camp all the time, and the animals are accustomed to human interaction.

  • mike

    they are lucky that cat didn't eat their face

  • Beau Young

    If it eats something you feed it, it probably doesn't have rabies. Pretty safe first test.

  • Shilling

    And then this hot chick totally quit her job by writing a bunch of snarky shit on a whiteboard. (Point being that the Chive, while fun, is not exactly a factual organization.)

    I call BS as well. No wild cat would do this. This critter was domesticated.

  • dave

    not good for the cat that it's so unafraid of humans

  • thetech2

    very sad an otherwise wild and timid creature is lured by food into a campsite ,,,they left going aww that was so cool then teh poor thing approaches another campsite where there are children present and the parents freak and kill the poor hungry affection starved otherwise wild creature because it wanted to cuddle and eat bacon from their hands leave nature to be nature he'll be dead soon unfortunately or this is all bullshit and hes home relaxing on the couch

  • -.-


  • paulhitchcock

    Being unafraid of humans is one sign that a wild animal has rabies. Just sayin'…

  • @crimsonpride75

    This is a leopard cub that's why it didn't attack and they strongly resemble bobcats but I assure you it isn't. The tell tale sign is the overly large paws, the paws of a cub are big like that but a bobcat would not be playing nice if it were that size.

    • SinisteRtheWickeD

      See the short or 'bobbed' tail in #6? Hence, bobcat? Leopards have long tails, helps them balance in trees where they spend a lot of time. Bobcats have short tails typically ending in black. This bobcat is probably somewhat tame, a hand raised rescue or something.

      • Big Buck

        Definitely not a mountain lion, or what everybody is calling a leopard/cougar, and its definitely not a cub… Im going to go with a Lynx, my friend. Ive been around some big cats and although this resembles a bobcat, it would be the worlds largest bobcat. Im betting that it was a lynx raised in captivity because it is slightly undersized and that these arent people out for a picnic, more likely people who raised it or scientists/biologists who are familiar with this cat in particular. That or this cat is real sick. Sometimes when wild animals get chronically ill they appear to be docile and tame. Who knows, I'd like to hear from the people that were there and where this actually is…

  • Kayla Smith

    That cat is about to eat somebody's face straight from their skull. That's how cat's roll….

  • Duchess



  • Lobo Hostmorke Torres Rosales

    in mexico every wild cat or wild animals who live around trying to kill you……….

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