We’re like ‘Find Her’ Jedi (34 Photos)

The following are the girls the Chivers want to see MOAR of. One problem, nobody knows who they are. If you have a name and MOAR pics, just email your chick knowledge to theCHIVE and we'll post them in our 'Found'.

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you fire the person running The Chive app for iPhone and fix it. It has been screwed up for the last 2 weeks. The person or company operating it is incompetent with technology.

  • find her

    #12 is from NJ, she was in my psychology class at Rutgers University!

  • Biz

    Has #11 been found yet? I'm waiting….

  • http://planet27.wordpress.com payazo

    I want it I need it now! love!!!! she #7


    #27 Its a man!!!!! as of #28 BEAUTIFUL i wana c more of her in less clothing

  • Always Last


  • Spywith1eye

    Great Cesars ghost!!! Find these specimens Chive and give them a gallery of there own thanks playa!

  • Spywith1eye

    #8 #31

  • thisoneguy

    #30 has probably one the best side boobs I have ever seen.

  • dave

    #4 should be a priority

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