• Slade Garrison

    Those silly Japanese.

  • Jeffrey D Wolske

    i wanted to see some jackie chan shit go down and leave 100 pranksters bodies laying in the street

    • aosux

      there were definitely no ninjas in that video

      • Julian Flynn

        Of course there were, they didn't feel like being seen at the time.

  • foshizzle

    ahaha duck and cover xD

  • Sobies

    I just noticed Patty is in charge of the videos. =D

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    i see a mob, i see scared people and still i dont see torches and pitchforks. whats wrong in this picture?

  • Steeb

    hahaha first guy just did not give a fuck

  • Ashley

    I would love to be thrown up in the air like that. When he checked to see if he still had his wallet, I laughed harder. This video never gets old.

    • hMMMM

      I thought he was just trying to tuck his shirt in…

  • Jam

    not as good as trigger happy tv

    • asdf

      i too concur, my good sir

  • engine911

    That was great, don't try that in many parts of the states however your lible to get shot.

    • DaddyD

      you're liable … or maybe riaber?

  • Anakrusix

    I love that 3rd one. "That's the bastard! Get'em!"

  • @arpra76

    This video pales int comparison to

    • TexRage

      I thought I had just watched the best video of the day and you show me this, fucking epic thank you so much!

    • marie

      it's from "waratte wa ikenai" series, that airs every new year's eve into morning. they are not allowed to laugh for 24 hours. you laugh, you get hit. every year they find new locations. this older episode chose a school as location. it was so hilarious, they really try to get them laugh all the time
      i guess it is a bit weird for people who are not used to Japanese variety shows, as they can be…. well, "brutal" : D

  • L00K

    Man, theChive steals all their stuff from ebaumsworld!!

    …from 5 years ago.

    • DefendDallas

      Really dickhead!? So you are saying that this video is an Ebaums original? Just enjoy the content or fuck off!

      • JimmyTankins

        I've seen ebaums straight up jack galleries from the Chive. It's all about the users, and those degenerates fail miserably compared to chivers and chivettes.

  • SeaBassEX

    I loll'd

  • UnheardBanshee

    why does it say 'video not available' 90% of the time??

    i cant watch most of the ones posted here…

    • HUH?

      get a better computer

  • Ro'

    The last one was the best!!

  • 93GT

    i could watch that show all day!

  • NothingToSeeHere

    Would it be in poor taste to point out how similar the mob looks to a tsunami?

    (too soon)?

  • Mario Tjokrodirijo

    That was EPIC!!

  • zerpsderps

    lol @1:20 Did…did i just get laid?

  • lol

    1:10 oh fuck zombies lol

  • John Andrew Jose

    The old man didn't gave a f*ck.

  • flyzyler

    Mob mentality FTW

  • WestPalmP

    thank god we all have guns fart noise with mouth*

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