Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • Laurie

    #22 is nightmare fuel for sure! Although the more I think about the skipping and holding hands…maybe not!

  • justsaying

    #19 – Just not scary enough to go find shelter I guess

    • Daniel

      Apparently not to windy to stir up any debris. I don't get to scared when I am shopping scary tornados either.

  • ensergio

    #16 makes me feel bad for the cock

  • Jeff

    @ely whitney…

    there is nothing funny about it…I have passed this sign 8million times on the highway…it says no re-entry…for no re-entry to the highway…i can only assume this is some ass vacationing from some northern city and thought it was somehow a joke on obama deleting our space program…very hilarious…

    • theFred

      I don’t really think it was a political joke. Kinda funny, but the sign is accurate either way you take it — the Shuttle lands at Edwards Air Force Base in CA.

  • calaman012

    So much awesomeness!! Must look away!

  • Jessica Condrey

    #19 This is why I wouldn't live in an area they call "Tornado Alley" 0__0

  • IDrinkToMuch

    #15 I had to get really close to the screen because I couldn't read. The people in the library are now looking at me weird

  • nightmareblade

    Nope #19 is photoshop It was suppose to be shot in my home state of North Carolina I seen that picture years ago .

    • Rob

      Nice grammar.

  • stephen neal


    No, actually it is awesome, you lolly-gagger.

  • Bob

    #4 TRUE, especially when the short fat one speaks….

  • commited suicide

    #9 George Washington, Bad-ass!

    • engine911

      Or Lincoln, one of them old dudes right.

  • Bryan

    Or not. #14

    • name

      no u

  • Dylan

    #19 scarryyyy!!! o.0 #4 hilarious!

  • Kentexas Curt

    I actually just bought that bike last night.

  • Chiver Me Timbers

    #12 MUST TRY!!!
    Gonna Add A Jalapeno Capper Though

  • musetv

    #6 looks like a giant rocky face… i'm calling him cliff!

  • Robi5150

    #12 Gunius…pure genius!

  • That Guy

    #21 'i'm trapped in an easter basket of emotion!!!'

  • MoistSnuff

    #14 Ummmm………WTF?

  • TitoRigatoni
  • Bob

    #21…Is that half a baby?? What the fuck is going on there??

  • bambam

    #13, totally a pizza hut recipt. I had an order that said “bob and/or steve”, brought me back to the adventures of special agent bob and secret agent steve (for anyone that watches G4).
    Ever since I got that, I order za under diff names to see if they get it. The day I used dexter morgan, the driver got to the door and assured me he wasn’t a cereal killer, kinda funny.

  • Thomas

    Not be an a hole, but #20 says "not awesome, scary actually" when the true meaning of awesome is basically scary. That pic is the most awesome of the bunch!!!

    • Thomas

      oops, I meant #19

  • mark

    #12 I appreciate the nutritional concern by including the reduced fat wheat thins with your cheese whiz topper. That evens things out I guess…

  • the blue people

    challenge accepted!

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