• MikeK

    Why God, Why???

    • Jak

      Does this guy remind anyone else of Steve Martin?

    • Dubby

      Looks pretty awesome if you put on some 80bpm or so hip-hop or dubstep.

    • Frank M

      QUICK, KILL IT!!!

  • Anakrusix

    What the fuh…

    • Fred Fenster

      You stole my line, you cocksucker, what the fuh.

      • Anakrusix

        I've never seen it. I must have not cared.

  • HSoup

    Well, at least he's happy about doing that…whatever that is. I imagine it distracts him from all the child raping the voices urge him to do.

  • Backpacks Got Jets

    I've got such funny feet!

  • davisrj

    If you ever wondered what happened to the guy in your high school class that was voted to have the most school spirit, here you go… you don't have to wonder anymore!

  • disturbed


  • Virulent87

    He is reson why i hawe gun in my house. And after this i think il get 2nd one…

    • Joeyk

      Maybe you should get a dictionary first..

      • jayman

        Oh come on give the guy a break. 'W' is right next to 'V' on the keyboard. Oh wait…

        • Steve Bradley

          It is on my keyboard. Dvorak ftw

      • Virulent87

        Cos english is not my main language and sry for not knowing it 100%

        • iinferno2010

          and yet you have a gun? I feel safe…

          • JHO

            because only people who can speak perfect english are allowed guns…

    • dropfixie13

      learn to type a bit of english…

  • Tkaut

    Im going to need intense theropy…….

  • Sledge

    Well, say what you want. But atleast Gary Busey is working.

    • Yo Face

      So much post win here!

  • Mike Zwijacz

    Rubber Legs!!

  • Bdubz

    W.T.F. Was That? My mind = Blown. God I wish I could dance like that guy. Maybe if I could dance as well as him my wife wouldn't have left me for one of those breakdancing guys with the cool cardboard signs requesting money to help their family.

  • Joshua D. Loomis

    I never saw the original. Thank God I haven't.

  • Arvzky

    I don't know why but… I wanna punch this guy in the face.

    • Jak

      It's probably the gay dance that he's doing

    • jjj

      and the subliminal message about feet being funny

  • lidalida

    Oh no… It's back.

  • engine911

    I give him credit at least he seems to be happy at what he is doing which is a lot more than I can say about my job.

  • Wilson

    This guy is the best.

  • Horque

    Martin Short did the same character many years ago on SNL.

    • Spankster

      Ed Grimley, I believe, the triangle-playing, Pat-Sajak-loving BADASS!

  • Brian King

    I really liked it and am practicing it now!

    • BaJezzus

      oh god. The Chive should do a contest. All Chivers submit yourself doing the full Double Dream Feet routine and the winner should get a ticket to the chivette calendar shoot. Come on Chive!! Do it for your Country!! lol

      • lolwut

        I second this.

      • engine911

        That is a great idea I think Chive should give some serious consideration to this Idea.

      • Tyler Hobbs

        Yes because I'm sure the Chive staff would want to post/judge numerous entries of people attempting to do this crap over and over again.

    • lil pink unicorn

      if only they could find a cat to do it too… Cant believe the Berry didnt the rights to this one.

  • Ebiggz

    I must learn this dance……………………….

  • Kevin


  • Mr_Rob

    Well… looks like a "Baptist Camp Training Video" to me. Good lord this guy must have been bullyed when as a child (and as adult, btw…)

  • Jimmy5923


  • capthook

    That couldn't been their first choice for a dance instructor.

  • BaJezzus

    Where's Daniel Tosh when we need him?

  • TFeezyFonzarelli

    I couldn't stop watching….. I can't stop hitting replay… please help…

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