• Capt Curtis

    You know how i know your gay..?

  • thetech2

    I will master the dream legs dance along with the double dream hands or arms a=shit he did before

  • shaunvw

    i made it 12 seconds and wanted to kill him.

  • Marc Silverstein

    He's not allowed 100 yards from any school. Apparently that includes dance schools too.

  • scottydo

    He's rocking the bowl-cut and he's rocking it pretty damn hard

  • Ryan Cranston

    this is so rediculously… rediculous part of me actually wants to learn part of that dance(knee, shoulder, shoulder, knee)… thankfully that is only like 2% of me so im just gonna carry on as if i never just sat here throught the whole video… Chive the fuck on.

    • jimbojones

      That comment was ridiculously ridiculous.

  • Chris

    This would be a lot better if it was done by Carlton from Fresh Prince

  • Canadius

    Wow guys… really? Picking on this video is so silly of you. He did, after all, end with JAZZ HAND! and that is pure gold

  • pffff

    Right after the finish he blows his brains out.

  • click

    this guy totally looks like a pedo

  • kodpie

    That just made me angry

  • Walker

    Showed it to the wife, not gettin any tonight. Thanks Chive. I accept no blame you made me do it!

  • Dazilla

    what in the sweet name of the flying spaghetti monster did i just witness?

  • Amosbaker7


  • Country is better

    And with coke, anything is possible..

  • @p_oneill

    For a minute there, he kind of busted out into the Carlton dance.

  • Chas Smith

    Another reason not to go to church.

  • Bort

    I'm not questioning this guy's genius, but or doesn't "double dream feet" look a lot like you're just doing "double dream hands" and then pointing at your feet?

  • Garfunky

    His name is John jacobsen, he teaches mass quantities of children to dance, and has worked for disney for years

  • Ryan Dent

    jesus…i tried to make it through this…i really did, i just can't do it

  • aghast

    How does this help humanity?

  • USLethal

    I got laid because of that dance!, I didn't

  • musetv

    i just finished a night shift, and what is this?

  • Addam West

    white people cant dance…. and this proves it.

  • dave

    I think he's having a stroke

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