Double Dream Feet! The sequel that never should have been (Video)

If you enjoyed “Double Dream Hands” (or hated it with contempt) then you’ll get a kick out of this shitshow of a sequel. Let the clown shoes ensue.

  • Rez!

    Cannot believe I watched this the whole way through…. I was sooo hoping that something was going to fall and crush him….

  • Big Bird

    At first I was like "Richard Simons wanna be!!" … then I was like "No, he looks like Jerry Van Dyke auditioning for the Capt. Kangaroo show"

  • Spellwvr

    I was wrong…I thought double dream hands was the gayest video on the internet….I facepalm corrected



  • keith

    i vote for chemical or mechanical castration. he should not reproduce. buffoonery ends here…

  • Charles

    I know what they need


    The perfect cheer.

  • whatevas

    he has the look of a serial killer….

  • zimzum

    any time some one does the double dream feet move, god kills a lama

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