Found the Kat Suit Girl: Meet Jordan (11 Photos)

Two weeks ago, a sexy blonde in a Halo Kat suit was featured in our famous 'Find Her' gallery. That morning, Jordan woke up to dozens of emails from friends telling her she'd made theCHIVE. Luckily, she stepped forward and I'll let Jordan take it from here:

The name's Jordan, I reside in Wisconsin (or Wiscaaansin for some of you), and nope, I don't live on a dairy farm and walk around with a cheese head hat. Things I love to do: Competitive gaming, hunting, drawing, yoga, preparing for the zombie apocalypse, dancing, cooking, and Chiving (As of a few weeks ago, I'm hopelessly hooked!)

Yep I'm a huge nerd. As you can see from my pictures, gaming is my biggest passion and has been since I was little. I play daily on several different consoles and I betchya I could pwn you in Halo, Gears, or CoD. (Among countless other games!) I'm super fortunate to be apart of Charisma +2 (an agency featuring models with passions for gaming), who actually hooked me up the Kat armor gig you may have seen pictures of. Ohh man don't even get me started on how awesome that was! To save you a 6 hour story, check out me in the Kat armor, shaking what my momma gave me in this Youtube video.

Chive On! : )

  • landon

    #4 that Leia costume fits like a goddam glove

    • Dan

      So would my c0ck.

      • GB1

        your cock would fit in a Leia costume?

        • Dan

          It would have to be a big one. 🙂

      • TheDarkKnight

        You know how I can tell this is the first real girl you've seen?

      • Sawyer

        This must be your first time chiving because clearly you don't understand that this comment does not belong on theCHIVE,

        Chivers, for some strange, awesome reason, respect women and do not degrade them the same way 99% of the internet does.

        So please, feel free to try and redeem yourself.

        • Dan

          Please! Have you seen some of the posts on this site or are you just making up your argument as you go along. Clearly my comment was over the top. It was meant to be, and therefore, NOT meant to be taken seriously. You and Batman up there seem to have appointed yourselves "Guardians of the Chive" or something and really need to push yourselves away from your computer more often. Get out and experience the world, man…..

          • TheDarkKnight

            This from a douche-bag who thinks the coolest thing he can do is troll an internet site trying to impress people with references to his dick while tossing out lame insults…?

            You'll forgive me as I laugh openly at your weak-minded, classless existence.

            • Dan

              Maybe you could wish death upon me while you're at it. I mean, I did apparently offend your delicate sensibilities with a joke that was clearly meant to be not funny. I didn't realize the Chivers had turned into a bunch of saber-rattling conservatives. Who is trolling who here?

              • TheDarkKnight

                Perhaps you could take a dose of your own advice and step back a bit yourself? You claim that your post was an attempt at humor yet act like a wounded school girl when someone calls you on it…

                I've already wasted more time on you than you are worth… your joke was lame, you got pwned.. time to move on

                • Dan

                  You know how I can tell you never passed Spelling?

                  See what I did there? We've come full circle.

                  • TheDarkKnight

                    Ok, truce, you win… you are clearly a bigger douche-bag than I will ever be

                    • Dan

                      Don't sell yourself short. You're a tremendous douche-bag.

    • Blumpkin

      She looks damn cute in #6

    • MigraineBoy

      I'm licking my screen as we speak…

    • denzino

      you say that like its a bad thing?

    • Jesse

      can we love each other? Please

    • cookzone

      Jordan, on behalf of all men and Chiver's that have a sense of honor, I am sorry that your post has been defiled by morons. It is obvious that you are to good to be true for us geeks to realize that women like you exist. If possible, MOARMOARMOARMOARMOARMOARMOARMOARMOAR

      (Not trying to sound like a D-bag, but would you happen to have the Leia Prisoner outfit? Leave the noobs really breathless.)

  • steve

    perfect mix of sweet and sexy… and geek.

    #11, #4, #10

    • Cake is a Lie

      Its a babe with the power…

    • ROK247

      the unholy trifecta of awesomeness

    • Biggus Diccus


    • sid

      love love love

  • Dom

    #4, not gonna lie, I didn't expect that body under the suit. God Damn!!!

  • randomcreep

    wow. shes banging. and a total dork. i like. i like very much so. Thanks Jordan

    • @SavageGiggles

      You're very welcome : )

  • Dmanlax1220


  • llano2

    #7 is HOT

    • llano2

      & sexy!

  • bless1

    #11- gallery potential.

    • Jimmy C

      You mean like this gallery she was just in?

    • mackeya

      Be in upcoming calendar, yes?

  • kodakkid

    CHIVE you need to find many MOAR of this type of women smart sexy and fun its all Win!

    • b-ry

      with less clothes on.

  • Mokuseitora

    #8 – MOAR!

    • cavalierfan

      Gotta disagree. Very cute girl, but this is not a good photo.

  • JAS

    sooooo…. Wanna play some halo or somethin?

  • Jarvis

    As few women in the world!!! AWESOME

  • HankT

    #4 #11
    Hi Jordan!
    You are a complete smokeshow…thank you so much for sharing!

    • get out more

      smokeshow? bold claim. just because she has all of her teeth and isn't 500 lbs does NOT make her a one.

      • slut lust

        you should get out more… or just gtfo

        • get out more

          "you should get out more"

          the irony is killing me.

  • bettingonthecubs

    Pawn me in Cod….Challenge accepted

    • DrROBOTO

      LOL. Agreed! 2.6 overall k/d ratio, plus losing to her wouldn't even be that bad…
      gamertag; TheDemonPete.Xbox 360 any chivers play TD on ANY of the cod games feel free to add

    • Morgan Freeman

      COD sucks ass. that is all.

      • Jack Nicholson


  • Dan

    #11 – – Gorgeous eyes!

    • Derp

      I'm in love.

  • MoistSnuff

    #9 #4 #3 Very nice!!!


    My detective work tells me she's left handed.

    • Laura

      She has writing on her left hand. So wouldn't that mean she used her right hand to write on her left hand? I'm not a detective, but maybe I should become one based on your skills.

      • AeroMace

        Not that I'm disagreeing with the Chivery here, but to play Devil's advocate for a minute: It looks like she took the picture with a computer's camera, which (at least on my laptop) is defaulted to mirror to image it sees. The dude may very well be right

        • Jordan

          I'm actually right handed. : ) I wrote it on my left hand and I took the picture with my camera with my right hand while I was at work, mind you. That's right, I was getting paid to take a picture for thechive 😀 w00t!

          • @SavageGiggles

            ^Btw this is me, before I decided to link my Twitter : )

    • peanut3603

      Then you wouldn't be a good detective… If she's wrote chive on her left hand then she would be right handed. Please don't plant that retard juice you call sperm.

    • DCMOFO


      • GRyde

        Second that.

    • Bruce

      My detective work tells me you're a dickhead.

  • pdiddily420

    #11 She has really pretty eyes
    #10 The best Gaming system ever, the N64!

    • derpinmyderplikeyaa

      better be a super smash bro tourney

  • David Littlefair

    You just can't find women like this…..anywhere, i need to move to wisconsin

    • Cthulhuspawn

      It's a trap!

  • Lauren Gentile

    That video is adorable! Seems like such a genuine and sweet girl – great find Chive!!

    • DougDino

      lauren, y u no cosplay. If you did a bayonetta shoot, the internets would explode into little pieces.

      • tits

        *complimentary platitude directed at lauren 'cause i'm a weenie*

  • Nerfherder

    All that hotness and a fellow Zombie Apocalypse prepper too?……..sweet.

    • Maynard B.

      Maybe she'll share her bunker with one of us.

  • Turd Ferguson

    dem eyes

    • Turd Ferguson

      i mean # 11

  • Jayavc

    Shout out for WI girls! Definitly representing it very well!!

  • Alex

    Am i seeing right?!?! she is insanely hot!! well done chive, always digging up rare beauties.

  • Thomas Allen Sampson

    "preparing for the zombie apocalypse"…..marry me!!!!

  • KeyserSoze

    Mmmm. If only the future Mrs. Soze.

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