Found the Kat Suit Girl: Meet Jordan (11 Photos)

Two weeks ago, a sexy blonde in a Halo Kat suit was featured in our famous 'Find Her' gallery. That morning, Jordan woke up to dozens of emails from friends telling her she'd made theCHIVE. Luckily, she stepped forward and I'll let Jordan take it from here:

The name's Jordan, I reside in Wisconsin (or Wiscaaansin for some of you), and nope, I don't live on a dairy farm and walk around with a cheese head hat. Things I love to do: Competitive gaming, hunting, drawing, yoga, preparing for the zombie apocalypse, dancing, cooking, and Chiving (As of a few weeks ago, I'm hopelessly hooked!)

Yep I'm a huge nerd. As you can see from my pictures, gaming is my biggest passion and has been since I was little. I play daily on several different consoles and I betchya I could pwn you in Halo, Gears, or CoD. (Among countless other games!) I'm super fortunate to be apart of Charisma +2 (an agency featuring models with passions for gaming), who actually hooked me up the Kat armor gig you may have seen pictures of. Ohh man don't even get me started on how awesome that was! To save you a 6 hour story, check out me in the Kat armor, shaking what my momma gave me in this Youtube video.

Chive On! : )

  • Gage

    My dream girl

  • ilschaefro

    omg she's damn hot..
    i instantly fell in love 🙂
    xbox add?

  • alby

    marry me please!!!

  • Nathan Mastermind

    can you marry me please?

  • Darklumpia

    You couldnt PWN this even if I wanted you too. Your N64 skills are no match by the way Halo is so 5 years ago try some BFBC or BF3. But all in all nice armor.

  • ale

    # 3
    geez, good soldiers aren't what the use to be anymore…

  • Jean Sherrer

    You are the hottest girl gamer ever in that pic of you in the halo suit 😉

  • Jean Sherrer

    You got a fucking good gift of extreme beauty. You're the hottest girl I've ever seen. Damn beautiful girl! :0

  • Jean Sherrer

    You. Are the hottest girl in the world.
    You're no1 fan

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