Getting the tinfoil treatment (9 Photos)

One more prank for your scrapbook.


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    • GRyde

      Hey sweet! Maybe you can help me out with something. Last night I found this stink bug crawling up my sliding door. I got a napkin and grabbed it, but I didn't want to squeeze it to hard. Catch and release you know. And the whole stick part. So I'm trying to open the door with my free hand when I look at my capture hand just in time to see the it wiggle loose. Drops straight to the floor heading for my sneaker. And then…poof. Gone and nowhere to be found. Now I know it's one of those Asian type stink bugs. So what I want to know is do they like cross them with ninjas or something. You're first. You know this stuff right?

      • dr. pepper for life

        ahh that was retarded

        • Guest

          very retarded… take that to the PC post

    • Chaz

      ……outside, inside, last!

  • BigDingo

    Looks like his plans for the workday have been… *takes off glasses*… foiled.


    (Sorry for two of those in a week)

    • MigraineBoy

      Shit, I can't top that. Well played sir!

    • JEbus

      I laughed

    • T Bags

      Well played in deed! Never apologize for awesomeness!

    • TheDarkKnight

      Well played…

      .. and apologies but I had to read your 'scream' in a Howard Dean voice

    • FLIPPS

      That my sir deserves a medal or at least a cookie as it was genius

    • Kevin O'Connell


    • kodakkid

      got a laugh both times

    • Jesse

      Nailed it!

    • kyoshizen

      No, thank you for two of those in a week!

  • Dan

    Now they just need to open a window and let the sunshine in!

    • Poppin Fresh

      set out a tray of cookie dough and bake.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    the prank would be even sweeter if he came into the room in cotton pijamas. STATIC DISCHARGE!!!

    • Peter

      "You might say they were "shokingly" expensive"

      • name


  • Anon

    The part I like about most of these "pranks" is the people pulling the prank will have spent significantly more time in doing it that the one being pranked takes to unravel all that hard work.

  • Gern Blanston

    Aluminum futures just went up

    • ROK247

      have you bought aluminum foil lately? that shit is spendy.

  • DistractedIndividual

    Wrapped every book…such attention to detail is AWESOME!

  • JPJ

    Somebody had way too much time on their hands

    • sexoffender

      and money…

    • itneresting

      Yeah Rite, How long did that take?

  • engine911

    The real question is how long can he leave it that way and still be fashionable?

  • Umuse

    Details, details;

    they missed the floor.

  • Charles in Charge

    what a waste of time and money

  • JOhnny FEVER

    great post, lets see one about a fuckin dog next

  • Mac The iNTERN

    Tin foil is pretty expensive lol its like $5 just for 1 roll and it looks like the prankster used about 10-15 rolls. So I would say about $60 for the aluminum foil & about an hr or so to wrap everything. Yeah, this prank was lame!

    • Cognac Monnet

      A lot longer than an hour. 2 friends and I gift wrapped someone's kitchen living room. We quit after 5 hours and the place wasn't nearly as much covered as these photos.

  • davey

    musta took a long time. shoulda put a heat lamp in the room too.

  • naked

    You now have a room free to speak with out "them" listening in. Unless someone already has a "probe" installed!

  • Nicnac

    What a waste. They could use that tin foil in middle America to make hats…

  • Jaeger

    Addendum: Impostors will be shot on site.

    • link

      imposters will be shot on sighte

      • Guest

        impostures will be shoot on siet

        • -UNDEFINED-


  • mrjimmyos

    Wow, these guys did it way better than I did a couple years back on April fools

  • Sizzle

    Someone is obviously not getting laid, so they needed to do something to pass the time.

  • Junior

    I really just don't care that much about anybody

  • BOb

    you could atleast spell high right.

  • Indeed

    And I'm sure it all wound up in the trash after. What a retarded waste of resources.

  • What a waste of resources... might as well leave your SUV running overnight.


  • marvinxi

    What a waste of Resources… might as well leave your SUV running overnight… Nice work Guys.

    • Jen

      shut up, hippy

      • j22

        yes, die in a forest fire hippy

      • SandiegoGirl

        Everyone has a right to post their opinion here, not just you! Stop being rude!

    • SandiegoGirl

      I agree! Complete waste of aluminum foil!

  • bunedoggle
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