Introducing theCHIVE’s new pup, Bella. (43 HQ photos)

Bella is a 9 week old Wheaten Terrier and the fur-ball weighs weighs 4.5 lbs. She's got about 35 lbs to go before reaching full size and her coat should be completely blond in a few months. Seeing she is the new CHIVE mascot, we will be bringing you updates on her growth from time to time. Like any good puppy, my bedroom is her personal toilet and she would chew through dynamite if it were lying around.

  • lol

    looks like a dumb little bitch…much like all the other skanks on here

  • Stevo

    #19 Play?

    • T-Moze

      Show this puppy playing with some sweater puppies and you've got something.

    • Chazz B

      Do you guys know what breed is it? i would like one like this =) looks so cute

  • b-ry

    cute but you should have gone with something a little more manly.

    • b-ry

      as far as the name…

    • Heber A. Coll

      Self esteem issues much?

      • b-ry

        nope…just a pretty girly name for such a manly site.

        • Heber A. Coll

          Oh right, they totally should have named that FEMALE pup Butch or Clint, my bad.

          • b-ry

            or….get a male dog.

            • Heber A. Coll

              As I said, not everyone needs to get a big male dog to recompense for their low self esteem. "You got a female puppy and named her a female name? You are no longer a man."

              Grow up.

              • b-ry

                geez. something rattled you huh.
                ps – you look pretty gay in your pic so all this female commenting on your behalf is starting to really make sense.

                Thanks for the clarification.

                • Heber A. Coll

                  Rattled? No, simply defending those of us who don't need to constantly express how manly they are and other men should be and call others gay in order to feel good about themselves.

                  • Rusty

                    obviously gay. They have she Chive so you can stare at all the men you want…. your welcome

                    • Heber A. Coll

                      Oh really? Do they have pictures of ripped, sweaty boys over there? Say no more, getting a boner already!

                    • no longer hiding.

                      funny how you came out of the closet on theChive.

            • Anthony Equila

              My female Doberman would bite your fucking balls off.

      • give it up

        a simple thumbs down woulda done….

        • Heber A. Coll

          Meh, have nothing better to do right now. I'm well aware of how pointless this is, can't fix stupid after all.

          • give it up

            troll elsewhere then

            • Heber A. Coll

              You know I very rarely troll, even on places like 4chan and Reddit where it is so easy. But once in a blue moon I get so bored…

    • iAm1-NAMI

      Small cute dogs attract women.
      attracting women is very manly
      You lose.

      • loser

        small cute dogs….making ugly men attractive to women.
        if you need a cute dog to get laid, maybe consider plastic surgery.

        you lose

        • kodakkid

          its called an ice breaker no wonder your name is loser

          • Jen

            i think a bull dog would have been cooler but she's cute. id keep her.

          • loser

            so is verbal communication.
            what do you do at a bar when you can take you little doggie with you?

          • really?

            a loser is someone who needs a puppy to break the ice and talk to women!!!!

            • Guest

              ^ fact

            • kodakkid

              needing and exploiting the opportunity are not the same thing.

        • Frank

          Plastic surgery? As long as you have a big ol dick, YOU WIN!!!

    • ryan

      I agree with b-ry. At least now he has a little puppy to carry around in his miata

    • Troy Larsen

      The chive is a friendly place why so hostile?

    • name

      My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is fucking epic.

      That is all

  • skuch


    • lou

      You are a fucking faggot. I thought we were gonna make it through one post without some cock n ball writing first.

      • lou

        sorry about the faggot part, didnt mean to offend anyone.

        • iinferno2010

          nah bro, you didn't offend anyone, and if you did, screw them the only person we want to offend is "skuch"

  • iinferno2010

    dog is adorable

    name is fail

    just sayin'

    • TheMightyDagmar

      you say that, but i bet so many girls would go ll soft and completely drop their underwear for a cute little puppy called bella, than a cute little puppy called something like "Nazikiller" or "cannibal"

      • TheMarvmeister

        Im not gonna lie. Cannibal sounds like kick ass name.

      • Guest

        Sorry you need to buy a dog to see underwear on your floor… maybe you're doing something wrong…

      • iinferno2010

        I agree, with a name like ‘nazikiller’ girls would definitely be deterred, however, that is such an extreme example. I am sure if her name was ‘cock’s or

        • pmofmalasia

          Phone autocorrect gone bad on this one? XD

      • iinferno2010

        I agree, with a name like ‘nazikiller’ girls would definitely be deterred, however, that is such an extreme example. I am sure if her name was ‘coco’ or

      • iinferno2010

        I agree, with a name like ‘nazikiller’ girls would definitely be deterred, however, that is such an extreme example. I am sure if her name was ‘coco’ or ‘bailey’ a( similar effect could be procured

        • iinferno2010

          My bad on triple post, phone submit fail

    • kodakkid

      just call the dog FDAU and when the ask what it means ofeer a demonstration

      • ryan

        everyone just shuuut the fuuck uuppp

        • Guest


    • Gabriela Robyn Miranda

      i don't dig the name either… reminds me of twilight… which automatically ruins everything. but the dog is cute enough ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Caloom

    I'd totally buy a Chivery dog lead/collar!

    • DistractedIndividual

      Now you're thinking! That's an amazing idea! Do it Chive! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • TCUchiver

      done – i am in!

    • Indy Girl

      They could do an entire line of dog stuff…dog t-shirts are a must

  • shhhhimhiding

    I think we've reached the point of critical cuteness. Go Bella Go!

  • DJwillflo

    She better learn to be hilarious or she's gonna let a lot of people down.

  • bettingonthecubs

    you should buy her a scarf

    • isawoj

      Shh, now we'll get a damn picture in the DMA of Bella in a scarf.

      All scarfs must die.

  • snowbird

    puppies and chicks… anything better?

    • maybe


  • sirforsyth

    This is just a ruse to impress chicks. It will work. Well played.

    • Howtogetchicks

      "Hi, I'm a rich owner of the Chive, you are beautiful, want to be famous? No? But I have a puppy."

    • A Chick

      He speaks the truth!

  • Nathan Hart

    Dogs FTW #39

    Over/under one week before that carpet has urine in it, if it doesn't already (looking at you, Mac the Intern).

    • Mac the Intern

      ha already had to take out the carpet upstairs.

  • Blumpkin

    Really Chive? 43 pics?! It's not like it's the new office pussy

    • northerner

      Um, maybe 10 or so would have been sufficient. But 43? Overload. No, I am a dog person. But 43 pics?

  • mattythegooch

    #33!! hahaha, my dogs bug the fuck out at "bath time", I feel for you you though…….My 13 week old Aussie just used my $500 watch as a chew toy!!!

    • Guest

      Thanks for that update on your life bub

      • mattythegooch

        No worries, if you're going to stare at 43 pics. of a puppy, you're going to read my fucking comment.

        Update #2 – your mother is eating my ass for lunch.

    • DistractedIndividual

      Wish I could get my 96lb Lab/Newfie into a bath tub again….rivers and lakes tend to be the only option now:)

      • It's Me

        I have the same issue with my 98lb Chocolate Lab/German Shorthair. He would much rather smell like swamp.

    • Tim

      I've got a three year old aussie, awesome dogs with great personality. He's never damaged anything except for one speaker wire and thats it, so I consider myself lucky.

  • annoyingshampoo

    #39 Is the cutest shit I have ever seen.
    Many N'awwwws to be had.

  • bigD

    Not one pic of it snuggle between some tits? What has this site become?

  • Lauren Gentile

    I don't know what is cuter: the captions or the pup (not exactly a tie, but still a close call)!
    #19 made me actually 'aw' out loud. She looks like she has such an awesome personality too – hope I get to meet this little girl next week!

    • simon

      dog powers working already here. im off to the pet shop.

      • Guest

        +1 on abandoned animal count once Simon realizes that dogs suck and shouldn't buy one cause the chive posts pictures… Poor Bob Barker

    • Troy

      +1 for every guy replying to every post lauren makes, to try and get her attention ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Lauren Gentile

        +1 for a comment anyone makes because this site has some pretty baller stuff. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • wztarheel

    #13 My dogs do this too. Its hilarious.

  • WoogyMonster

    #19 MOAR! She already has you wrapped around her little paw.

  • DirtyArmySpecialist

    if you guys cant get laid with this and the site…. youre doing something wrong.

  • ball gravy man

    terrible name for such a cool site…just sayin

    • ashleigh

      Bella means Beautiful, and seeing as there is so many "beautiful" women posted on this website the name is a good one.

  • Billie Page

    aww finally got a girl in ur room… JK JK I LOVE YOU *KISS*

  • mojo2975

    Cute dog, there are going to be some awesome pics with her and the chivettes coming soon i bet.

    • nevermind

      Puppies chasing p…. nm

  • Alex McGlone

    Pictures like #32 aren't even fair, man.

    • JOhnny FEVER

      GRow some balls, kill it with fire

    • Patricia Sparrow

      gotta have the obligatory bath tub shots…

  • lidalida

    About time ๐Ÿ˜€

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