Introducing theCHIVE’s new pup, Bella. (43 HQ photos)

Bella is a 9 week old Wheaten Terrier and the fur-ball weighs weighs 4.5 lbs. She's got about 35 lbs to go before reaching full size and her coat should be completely blond in a few months. Seeing she is the new CHIVE mascot, we will be bringing you updates on her growth from time to time. Like any good puppy, my bedroom is her personal toilet and she would chew through dynamite if it were lying around.

  • Jessica

    Awwww, too cute!! Can't wait to see more pics 🙂

  • emilie

    You're going to be getting a shit ton of attention from women now. I bet that was your plan, wasn't it?? Totally worked.

  • skydive

    awwwwwww… such a friggin cute doggg…..

  • crh

    I'm just glad they didn't get a fucking cat.

  • BloodScrubber

    #33 Fantastic shot right there. All the best to Bella!

  • gazdemon

    You should have called her Alli, because the latin name for chive is Allium schoenoprasum.

  • IronEagle119

    I know this was already brought up, but "Bella", really? Everyone that got a puppy since F****** Twilight came out names their dog Bella. Is this going to get you laid… NO.

    This is just sad that no one has any creativity and copies those shitty movies

    Chive… FAIL

  • Danielle

    SHE'S THE CUTEST!!! Good choice Chive!!

  • skull head

    Just a friendly note from the dog expert, Wheatens need to be brushed everyday and I recommend Bio Groom for terrier coats. Thank you for getting a purebred. You never know what you get with a shelter dog and they are the result of retards breeding "nice" dogs and people that royal screw up raising a dog.

  • P90

    Awww sweet. (Fluffy Bella soft toy available soon at the chivery)

  • San Fran Mike

    diggin the obey poster chive (13)

  • rythehob

    you know what this means:

    theCHIVE brand dog collars.

  • Apple

    She's adorable. We just got a new puppy. A mutt, she has wiry hair, black (feet are white, and some bits around the mouth) and is insane. Her name's Lucy :).

  • Wallaby

    This reminds me of when we got our dog about 2 years ago! Same size, maybe even smaller (ours)

  • Catherine Bryan

    #33 is hilarious. This dog is adorable!

  • lol

    #25 so cute

  • bodhi1990

    #16 Haters gonna hate Bella

  • I hate Bella

    I hate your poofty rat dog. I hate it's name (do you have twilight posters all over your room and office? Aholes. So freaking lame and fuels my hate for your fake dog). Oh, and if you haven't noticed, I hate you for jumping the shark. You're a bunch of Richard breaths for getting that crappy thing. Just remember, when it gets to it's full purse-fitting size, women will only think "he's my new gay best friend." I don't want to see the damn dog ever again on TheChive.

    • Bruce

      I hate you.

  • kate

    I love that we have a mascot now! 🙂

  • Sumer Gill

    OMFG CUTEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (head explodes)

  • PokePoke

    Dont want to spoil it , but we had a wheaten , 2 infact. They get lazy and pretty ugly 🙂 Its more a showdog, not a companiondog or a playdog

  • mcnutty

    They can put captions for this dog, but they can't put captions for the tuesday getaway galleries?! I'd rather know where those places are than what this dog thinks…

  • Alll

    CUTE! hihi

  • NoTrollHere

    #19… Cutest. Picture. Ever.

  • PokePoke

    thats when they are full-grown. not so cute anymore.

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