Introducing theCHIVE’s new pup, Bella. (43 HQ photos)

Bella is a 9 week old Wheaten Terrier and the fur-ball weighs weighs 4.5 lbs. She's got about 35 lbs to go before reaching full size and her coat should be completely blond in a few months. Seeing she is the new CHIVE mascot, we will be bringing you updates on her growth from time to time. Like any good puppy, my bedroom is her personal toilet and she would chew through dynamite if it were lying around.

  • Samantha Edholm

    #18 U fall down go boom?

  • ImpressMe

    Too frickin cute…. anyone who doesn't go "awwww" is a soulless slug…. I see little Chive dog beds, chew toys, bandanas, etc… on the horizon.

  • Todd from Indy

    I mailed a dog tag(s) for her, I hope you got them.

  • bill


  • Rene

    Sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! But as a former groomer you really need to clean out the face and start playing with her feet.

  • Harry

    You should get another puppy and name him Edward. LOL

  • chelsea

    awwe!!!! what a sweetheart ❤

  • Reicee

    To bad you arent in my state…i could groom her!! 😀 sincerely chivette.

  • Bekki

    Tooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. Not sure which is cuter though, you or the pup.

  • claire

    You will LOVE having a wheaten. And they are chick magnets – at least mine is.

  • andrewarsenic

    It's been almost a year since this was posted, when we gonna get another update on Bella?

  • nay

    Try wrestling an 80lb dog during bath time. I always end up with a bath myself. Cute dog though 🙂

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