Is it PC to call these stock photos retarded? (27 photos)

  • Lacey Bowden

    #12 cup them gently….those balls r very sensitive 0.o

  • I am Name

    #18 too me a moment to realize that they are not actual people.

  • snakrause

    #3 I don't always look like a porn star, but when I do I prefer los 80's

  • kevin

    #26 somebody's about to give some head

  • Geshko

    Spend all day baking your own birthday cake. No one comes to your party. FOREVER ALONE

  • MoistSnuff

    #15……….FIND HER!!!!!

  • chyeaaaaa

    I think a post featuring the shutterstock watermark on absurd images would be hilarious. I guess you've sort of already captured it but I'd say there's still potential

  • alicat

    Hey kid…thats not how you do peyote

  • Meredith Long

    #19 and #20 are just glorious…
    And #18…. I don't want to know.

  • SenorStinko

    How did TheChive get ahold of my family photo album?

  • RunDummyRun

    #26 find her

  • Bags8888

    Gonna get that bitch a $100 – bitches looooove $100's!

  • Guest

    Yeah, I doubt that

  • fng

    really dumb ass pictures here.

  • Win

    whats the point?

  • ArTay

    It's fun to stay at the….

  • Guest

    Time stamp Yahoo article – 4-25-2010 7:13p.m.
    El Chiverino – 4-26-2010
    Looks like the chive went fishing this morning, and caught this gem…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it. PC?



  • Brad

    yeah, I know, there shouldn't be a ? at the end of the first sentence, take it easy punctuation police…

  • SandiegoGirl

    #16 Eddie Van Halen?

  • Nicholas Allen Stevens

    #12 "So you are saying that the cancer gave me balls of steel and you removed them, why?"

  • Screwdriver

    I work with #13

  • Jared

    #16 looks like Stan Laurel's love child with Fred Astaire

  • ar tee

    more #6 please….more #6

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