There are no bounds to food’s greatness (30 Photos)

  • Catence

    Looks like I will be playing around in the kitchen later.

    • Coward

      back to where you belong…

    • TommyGuns

      Need Some company?

  • MigraineBoy

    #30 That'll teach you to steal his wafles, Skywalker!

    • _Moose_

      Blueberry waffle disease. Do not google it. You will regret it.

    • skook

      leggo my eggo!!

  • Kane


    • Robert Christopher Shilling

      If I could give you multiple thumbs down, I would.

    • IShitOnKane

      What do you have dial-up or something?

  • foshizzle

    #20 i present you the original manwich

    • Steeb

      i thought it was called the cockmeat sandwich

  • Sparky

    #23 I'm going to marry that girl

    • Nolok

      find her!

    • Guse

      Agreed. Cute + brains = win.

  • hueyrocks

    #22 – It's so beautiful

    • DCMOFO

      I got fatter just looking at it.

      • tubby american

        welcome to the US.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #8 it looks beautiful! do want!
    #29 the horn of plenty… of fast food

  • @scratchysingh

    this is what chivers eat

  • engine911

    #8 #16 #19 I'm making it with bacon, bitches love bacon!

  • Holly Sands

    #13 made me laugh so hard. #23 is an awesome idea. Would be great at festivals.

    • Holly Sands

      #24 I meant – sorry for being a huge spak today!

      • theend81

        NO!!!! PizzaCone sucks!
        They opened one up here in midtown NYC, barely lasted a month.

        • Holly Sands

          Shit, then I shall make my own! And dammit, I'll make them good!

  • PokePoke

    #7 yesssssss

    'Hey, what are you doing, put me down'

    • Jeffrey Scott

      #7 "There you are".

  • Zaedrus

    #19 was made by a friend of mine: of all things, one of Indianapolis' most talented architects!

  • Federico Schulzen

    #23 neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd

  • GK-4

    #12 seriously, right when i'm eating fried eggs?

  • Joe No Blow

    #5 & #6
    is it just me, or is the ketchup burger king stalker actually creepier?

  • Rune-Zo

    I gotta admit, i don't care for Jello
    but that takes some talent

    • DistractedIndividual

      #9 Same here…I only eat Jello when it's in shot form…and by eat I mean squish noisily through my teeth:)

  • method_man

    #21 is fucking awesome

  • cookiemonstahh

    i think the chive should do a full post about epic meal time

  • iinferno2010

    #18 there are people who would still eat this…

    • Guse

      Like you wouldn't at least try it. Even if it were to just say that you did. "Yeah, I ate a cheeseburger & french fries pizza once!"

      • iinferno2010

        If I want heartburn, indigestion, a heart attack and high cholesterol at the same time…then ya…

        but I don't 😛

        • dub

          You are weak. Did you realize this?

    • kodakkid

      yeah I would eat that without a second thought

    • KyleGamgee

      I would eat that.

    • DistractedIndividual

      I would at least try it:)

    • Smacker

      A tribute/rip-off of

  • echogeo

    #10 I saw that and had a flashback from the movie Misery when Kathy Bates told James Caan that she added Spam to her meatloaf to give it that extra zesty flavor. o.0

  • Kyle Shoemake

    I've had one of those in #24 they have them at one of the movie theaters in the big mall in Bahrain. I thought it was good

    • Trent


  • Bob

    #6…Does anyone else besides me find these banana sculptures more freaky than cool??

  • tom_sd

    #10 Want.

  • kurt

    no epic meal time?

  • UPSgrrrL88

    Meanwhile, in America.

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