Ever wonder what it would be like to live at Ikea? (17 Photos)

Christian Gideon, a professional photographer, has made a series of photos in IKEA as if he was living there. Check out the rest of this great photoset right here.

  • Joe


  • llano2

    Gay. Not awesome or fun. At least they left out the picture of them sitting together on the cough (as seen on TheBerry).

    • Finn McCool

      I have heard its incredibly difficult to actually sit on a "cough"……although a couch can be quite pleasant.

  • Skar

    That was …. kinda disappointing

  • Yimmy

    In no way is this funny or awesome

  • HEAT

    in my humble opinion, this does not meet the exacting standards of a typical Chive post

  • davey


    sponsored by IKEA?

    At least if it was a half naked chick it would be interesting.

    Where is the hump day post!!!
    screw fags in ikea

    • Charlie

      Wherever you screw fags is your choice, I guess… I prefer my own bedroom though.

    • Flowerman

      do you have a problem with homosexuals? faggot….

  • http://theanisette.com Daris

    Ever since I was like 12 and I went for the first time, I've wanted to live in IKEA. When I was a kid it was because it was like the worlds largest fort. Now it's just because I can't afford to make my house look like that.

    • Guy Incognito

      Forever alone

  • papa

    no. but i did wonder if the chive kept reposting from the berry, how long until chivers are annoyed. answer: not long.

  • mileses

    Yea.. if it was.. a really hot scantily clad chick.. sure.. but not this hipster mark sanchez look alike.


    I wonder if he peed in the shower.

    • MacNCheesePro

      Bear Grylls says: Yes! I cleaned it up!

    • MattFoley

      So somebody actually cared about this post… impressive

    • Flowerman

      hope the kid dies of AIDS or something, what a complete loser. someone should hunt him down and kill him for this gay post

  • scarecrow

    come on, john. 1 troll picture per post is funny. An ENTIRE troll post though? We're not amused.

  • doktor boo

    there was a guy who actually did live in Ikea store in NJ for an entire week. Slept, ate, "bathed", the whole deal. http://www.marklivesinikea.com. This happened a few years ago, but this guys does crazy stuff like this all the time.

    • Guy Incognito


    • Flowerman

      really? this mark character sounds like a real asshole, I could se myself punching his teeth out

  • intensedebate1

    Please stop posting pictures with your sisters in them. They are ugly.

    • The Chivery


  • Dood

    Most ironic store ever.

    IKEA: The biggest store dedicated to living the smallest way possible.

  • ReginaFilange

    So a moron with a camara and a desire to get kicked out of a store, is a photographer?

    • Sizzle

      Camara? I don't think he's the moron, Regina PHALANGE. Although this is incredibly stupid.

      • Flowerman

        haha 2 fags with a camera in IKEA. go and fuck eachother already

  • BSS

    What's going on with this site? Is everyone on vacation? Very lame.

  • isawoj

    Neither fun nor funny.

  • equalizermax


  • Jeremy

    Somebody hand me a pitchfork!

  • Will

    Stick with what f/n works.
    That is all.

  • GoinPostal

    Keep up with posts like this… and the Chive will probably become the second best website in the world

  • I am Name

    I think that every time I go. When I get my own house when I'm done with the Coast Guard I will have EVERYTHING in it from Ikea.

  • mrjimmyos

    Made me smile 😀

  • chiveon

    No, you need to spend at least 2000, and take all your pictures at awkward angles.

    • shaka

      and slightly out of focus, that way when people tell you its out of focus, you can scowl at them and huf stating "you wouldn't understand"

  • mercury surfboard

    I'm going to go run over a litter of puppies because this was posted

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