Ever wonder what it would be like to live at Ikea? (17 Photos)

Christian Gideon, a professional photographer, has made a series of photos in IKEA as if he was living there. Check out the rest of this great photoset right here.

  • ball gravy man

    extremely stupid

  • http://www.facebook.com/robinis Robertas Klemanskis

    Slow day CHIVE ?

  • Steven

    WOW THATS SO ORIGINAL!!! No one has ever done that at Ikea before.

  • Jaeger

    Now John, I may be in the minority of Chivers that appreciate your artistic posts. It's a fine craft and I genuinely do feel inspired by a lot those pictures. That said, this was sub-par. No hard feelings?

    • Ruby

      dtulua on January 21, 2011 Zumbarose: the lavalava’s u can get from the iaslnds or order them online but u can also go to the fabric store and get any tropical floral print fabric.

  • Apple

    An intern for Stephen Colbert did this a few years ago. He lived in an IKEA for a month.

  • Seriously

    Use "gay" inappropriately a few more times. It really helps get your point across.

    • Flowerman

      I don't like the word "gay", I use the word "faggot" instead

  • Flowerman

    zzzz, super boring, this goes into the faggot divsion,

  • Flowerman

    what do you mean living small? do you hate IKEA, are you some kind of communist?

    • comrade

      wait, do communists hate ikea?

  • sureman123

    this is lame, i mean, i know that a business needs to make some money but c,mon.. advertising this way is just lame..

  • http://www.cockeyed.com Uncle Bubba

    This was done by Rob Cockerham, way more entertaining. http://www.cockeyed.com/pranks/ikea_party/ikea01….

  • You need to relax

    Really people, you can’t see the appeal of this post. You have never looked at the pictures you took in your shitty ass appartment and wish it looked like the pictures above. Get a life people and relax.

    • mercury surfboard

      you and tyler durden would not be pals

  • http://www.hafidzlife.com hafidz

    Very cool concept & idea! =)

  • dpitty

    ever wonder what it'd be like if you hadn't clicked on this post?

  • adg
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