Lawnmower Dreams of the Moon (Video)

I remember being someone different. Until I watched a lawnmower. I watched him achieve what others called “impossible”. I watched him overcome ridicule and disbelief. I watched him try and fail, but never lose hope.

Then… I watched him fly. I watched him soar. I watched him touch the sky.

Because of that, I watched myself change.

– PIFTSdotexe

  • Patrick M.

    Ducktails y'all. Ducktails.

    • Broseph

      it's ducktales dude. ducktales.

      • intensedebate1

        Fatty is an idiot. You have to excuse his stupidity.

    • Cake is a Lie

      remember the ice level with the snowman you had to kill? I know this is the theme from the moon level though. I can remember bouncing around on the pogo stick cane. loved this game.

  • foshizzle

    deal with it

  • Ryan

    Haters can't even hate.

  • Stuart Sloan

    I've had dreams end like this

  • MikeD

    The video detail makes the video even greater.

  • thursdaymofo

    pshhh, there's not even any grass in the sky. Silly lawnmower.

  • Craig

    It flies like a deere.

  • turbokid

    ew, it autoplayed while on the homepage. It was super loud

    • bob

      WHY PATTY WHY!?!??!?!?!?! turn off the autoplay

      • Derp

        ^ This

    • Ken

      Completely agree – autoplay is annoying as hell and music is frightening when I have just woken up.

      • EMT30137


    • Nicholas Warner

      Totally thought I had a virus because of this lol

  • Addam West

    can we make it not autoplay on the homepage? the soundtrack is annoying as fuck.

  • Piggy

    The soundtrack was my childhood.

    • jason

      the sound track could be the same sound track from robot unicorn

  • testington

    WTF is this irritating shit, it is on autoplay on your homepage and the sound track makes me wish I was deaf….really, really fucking annoying

  • Dylan Termeer

    oh Patty



  • Bob

    Autoplay videos? Fuck you, Chive.

  • richard

    I've got a copy of this vid from November 2004. You're a little late getting this on your front page

  • Pants

    Brings me great irritation autoplay does.

  • lolwhut

    yay! you can totally buy that shit for like $200 from any hobby shop 😀

  • SHuette

    Thank you for getting me busted for Chiving at work! I guess I could have had the sound off…. but still !!!!!

  • Picard_

    I think Autoplay on the homepage is going to get a few people in trouble today.

  • Rain

    autoplay fail. Seriously. what the fucking fuck

  • Wulf

    The first time thechive has totally failed me. seriously. autoplay at full volume.
    Some ads do that (not on chive) and its one of THE most annoying on the internet.

  • davey

    your experiment= fail.

  • zombie

    Your autoplay interrupted my listening session of the new Septicflesh album. This displeases me. That shit don't fly.

    • Kerosun

      But that shit does!

  • BrainChild

    Autoplay or not still an awesome video
    Now he's mowing the cloud, there is an abundance of those annoying things

  • Mark Downing-Heese

    get this off the main page… hard to chive @ work with annoying autoplay. >_<

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