Lawnmower Dreams of the Moon (Video)

I remember being someone different. Until I watched a lawnmower. I watched him achieve what others called “impossible”. I watched him overcome ridicule and disbelief. I watched him try and fail, but never lose hope.

Then… I watched him fly. I watched him soar. I watched him touch the sky.

Because of that, I watched myself change.

– PIFTSdotexe

  • keith

    now everytime i go to the chive until that video is second page news, i gotta hear that dumb shit? flying lawnmowers are like flying pigs, useless!

  • Honey Bone

    Autoplay broke my mom's leg.

  • JMoney

    someone pointed out this video autoplays 6 HOURS AGO! for god sakes fix it

  • cheez

    EEDIOTTS.. turn off autoplay. Mees has to act like working.
    What's going on with Chive lately… stupid lawnmower videos, snuff duck films, stupid food pr0n, 50 pix of puppy dogs….

    what a boner killer…..

  • Spence

    pretty sweet soundtrack, was it ducktails? i know i played that game and heard that music before

  • Rob

    Cool video but it auto plays Every Time you open the go back the 1st page 😡

    • Rob

      Sorry bout the typos (2 finger typing fails often ya know)

  • Steve

    Dear God! Turn off the auto-play!!!! Was not expecting that…

  • artiman

    Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1

  • MeisterMon

    Hello, don't be a dipshit and have your volume up at work you fucking fuckity fuck….

    ps. Chive, for all the fucking fuckity fucks out there, please abstain from autoplay on the home page! Thank you!

  • husshbl

    for more stuff like that & the revolution in sex go to

    thank you

  • Rett

    Can only think of one thing to make this better: setting it to Pearl Jam's "Given to Fly". That said, I did quite enjoy the early-80s Nintendo soundtrack. Nicely done.

  • JIM

    FUCKING CHOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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