• BSS


    • Shane

      Shane here, mail Me.

  • saw that

    #3 Heart shaped tub, real classy
    #1 'Ol horse face, lol

  • is this thing on?

    and assholes uzbekistan!

  • hMMMM


  • Chiefs420

    #2 – The have iguana's and sunshine in uzbekistan? Or is she somewhere else? They have airports and cars in Uzbekistan? Seems to me that everyplace that ends in "stan" is a dismal shithole where you're taking your life into your own hands.

    We'll see tomorrow. Maybe they have one thing going for them besides being the worlds top exporter of drabness.

    • sceneitb4

      Ever think she could be on vacation? Or maybe look up Uzbekistan to see what's there?


  • Angry Old Man

    Be honest John, she's really just the mail order bride you finally hit "add to cart" for, right??

  • Yogi

    I'd uzbeck her Stan.

    • _______


  • funkyf

    Borat was wrong about those "assholes Uzbekistans"…

  • husshbl

    for more stuff like that & the revolution in sex go to

    thank you

  • fign

    I said the same thing the last time she appeared on theChive. Especially on her last photo on that Global Chivettes feature.

  • daggat
  • munchmybutt

    GET A LIFE losers ,its just another skank.

  • Buford_Justice

    assholes uzbekistan

  • Logan

    I'm pretty sure thats a man.

  • Logan

    …. A very sexy man.

  • Ryan

    Like her already!

  • HellHath NoFury

    Another dyed blonde with too much eye makeup and no muscle tone to give her any shape. Can we get some curvy chicks up in here?

    • Komodo Dragon

      lol… not sure if it's your place to talk about bad hair dye jobs.

  • yum


  • DefendDallas

    I would Roger that dude!

  • Marc

    That is a thread …. I don`t wanna see that man naked. Please don`t show the face o.0

    • @jucki_lol

      Who does?

  • @jucki_lol

    Fuck that bitch… I am not gay!

  • Jen

    "you give me green card, american man?"

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