• http://www.facebook.com/people/Shannon-Coverdale/606371253 Shannon Coverdale

    Too funny

  • sanforce

    At least the dog looks like it's having fun. I tried this with mine an he was about ready to give up on the world.

    • sanforce

      spell check 5 hours later, and*

  • Paula_

    If it was a cat this would be fine, but poor dog…

    – the one you love to hate

    • dOOb

      Sometimes I think to myself…. "maybe it's time for a Paula pictorial". Is it possible for someone this annoying to be HOT???

      Then I realize, she's probably a dude…

      • Paula_

        Well I was in the DAR once, you guys seemed to like.

        – don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me…B)

        • dOOb

          I call Bullshit!

        • tznatch

          i agree. bullshit. if you really were on DAR submit another photo saying you are paula.

          • Paula_

            What, does mommy still feed you? Make a fucking effort.

            – record holder cat-apulting: 213 meters

        • greasdupdeafguy

          pics or it didn't happen

    • neil

      sled dogs all have them footie things

  • n1ghtstalker

    At first I thought that is SOO cruel!
    Then as he ran down the corridor I laughed my head off!
    Now I feel evil! THANKS!

    • name

      I volunteer at an animal shelter and trust me, putting mittens on a dogs feet is not animal cruelty.

    • j-5

      The corridor? Ok Malfoy.

  • b-ry

    0/3 – are you guys drunk today? severely hung over?

  • Brian King

    Work is what you do in between Chive posts!!!

    • Ilya Jay

      lol yep

    • actually working

      agree…but getting lots of work done today with all the weak posts!

  • chris

    This dog is not experiencing any harm whatsoever. So before you start saying "Poor doggie" and bashing the chive for posting this, I want you to think, "I am not an expert, and therefore my opinions don't matter". Thanks 🙂

    -Fuck Paula.

    • chiveon

      +1 for the way you signed this post.

    • Conor

      Oh the dog isnt experiencing any harm, but he is been mind-fucked in every possible way.

    • testington

      exactly, also I'm pretty sure those are actually dog snow booties that are designed to protect their feet in winter

  • MacNCheesePro

    That dog ran off like a cartoon dog. Poor guy 😦

    • MacNCheesePro

      wow lots of negatives on that one….forever alone!!!

  • davey


    Would be more funny if you had the dog and cat, each with shoes, and let them loose down the hallway.

  • Jedi

    Very funny, can't wait to get home and try on my mutt!

  • bobbinette

    The chive, probably the most lagging site in the world.

    • Jim

      Just move to Australia. No lag here. probably because all you mericans are asleep when I'm chivin

  • disturbed

    This ain't no Hump Day – but still funny.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bmignaco Bruno Mignaco

    haaha! that's just cruel..

  • http://www.facebook.com/borsaid Rob Dias

    I can't hear anything!

  • http://www.facebook.com/borsaid Rob Dias

    Please use youtube as your default video host! SO much better, especially for mobile.

  • nnn

    When's she gonna get the treat!!?!?

  • Screwdriver

    Awesome…..humans are so good at animal torture.

  • Neil

    Most sled dogs use these things everyday and I'm sure they have to get use to them also. LOL

  • Paula_

    Oh, nothing much, launching stray cats with a home made slingshot. New record today, 213 meters!

    – meoooooOOOWWWWWWWWWwwww……………..meow? ………. >dud<

    • NY1990

      visualizing that signature of yours seriously had me ROTFLOL xD

  • Ali

    Oh man, that was great! i was trying so hard to laugh quietly cus I'm at work, i've gotta get a dog now, just so I can do that and maybe even feed it peanut butter at the same time LOL

  • Edgar Gaspar

    Thats some funny shit. Feel sorry for the dog though

  • Kdaems

    worst dog and pet owners ever 😦

    • Ken

      Ummm, no. The booties are meant to protect the dog's feet during rigorous exercise/winter activities. The owners are no more cruel than parents insisting that their resistant toddlers wear shoes. Most dog's adjust just fine and benefit a great deal.

  • husshbl

    for more stuff like that & the revolution in sex go to


    thank you

  • Sterling Archer

    inside Dog's mind: "I'm gunna get there… but its gunna be rough."

  • http://www.facebook.com/schulzen Federico Schulzen


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