Alex Cayley gives models the glamour treatment (25 Photos)

These photos and more via Alex Cayley.

  • Lauren Gentile

    His commenting with his own opinion is HARDLY kissing my ass. Commenting in agreement isn't kissing my ass!

    And a few others have made the same comment that I have (about how these models are quite skinny) and have not been thumbed-down. They've actually been sitting pretty in thumbs up-ville because it's pretty easy to see that some of these chicks could really use some rice and beans.

    • mileses

      I don't want to get face punched but who is lauren gentile?

      • Lauren Gentile

        Why would you get face punched for that? I'm just a fellow, active Chiver.

        • mileses

          oh thats actually you in the picture. congrats on being hot.

    • Justin Tutterow

      Or at least some KFC chicken skins! On nom nom

  • Damien

    #13 #14 #23

    Its all about the legs!

  • HLe

    I still prefer gaps and humps photos taken with cell phone.

  • Spocker

    Somebody please give her a sandwich.

  • kodakkid

    theres more meat on a half eaten chicken wing no thanks.

  • zym

    Alex Cayley gives models the photoshop treatment, no food.

  • Thunderlipps

    No one likes #8 yet? What's wrong with you boys….


  • Jack Mehoff

    We are not amused.

  • dush

    Are these women or zombies?

  • Anorexia


    EAT!!! You have the body of of "sloth" from Se7en

  • :) face

    How about smiling or at least looking like you give a fuck!

  • No dice

    Sorry. These chicks just don't do it for me. Next time post some chicks who at the very least have a pulse or have eaten in the last year.


  • Boscoe

    Ah, I get it… "glamour treatment" = uglified.

  • jason

    #20 is that nipple i see?

  • Libertariandude

    Well, I actually find them attractive. Maybe is because I hail from a country where the average woman has 50 inch hips and a monkey face, so a skinny cutie is a rare gift and works for me. #1, #9.

  • Ian

    These are all really creepy

  • WirelessCable

    Schönen Mädels approval √ If you know what I said, thumbs up!

  • stevebob

    Merica,3 out of 4 be obese wtf happened here.

  • WhosYerDaddy

    #15 To die for huh?

  • @SteveGrenier

    The chivers are sexier than this 🙂

  • Jack

    prerymedlin on April 12, 2011 @MsKazz54 why would they? There are songs out there that are way worse than this that get played on radios and tv stations all the time.

  • pushups

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