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  • Paula_

    Gooood mooooorning Chivers!
    My skin was becoming a bit loose, but what do you think about my new DIY facelift?: http://j.mp/jThaJp
    I think it really emphasizes my eyes.

    – the shoulder you cry on

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dawn-DuBois/507725936 Dawn DuBois

      got it, your a funny funny troll. But please dont clutter up the Chive with links. Thanks, everyone

      • Paula_

        Yeah you're absolutely right… before you know it websites will start linking to…. OTHER WEBSITES! Who knows what will come of that… It'll probably be worse than cat pics, that's for sure.

        – cat-apulting another stray cat: >ptieuw!< meoooOOOooOOWW >THUD<
        ARGHH! Hit a lightpost at only 40 meters, damn.

    • EZP

      Paula I kinda love you 🙂
      I'd like to see your own gallery one day 🙂

    • ted
    • VedHead77

      Here's a thought…why not thumb up EVERYTHING it posts? Maybe it will turn that hairy-lipped frown upside-down.

  • sgdfgdf

    I've seen so many guys being fucked up by the comment timeline I just want to experience it.

    FIRST !!!!

    • sgdfgdf


      Paula fucked me up!


      • Paula_

        You're welcome to: http://j.mp/fTtVEr

        – the thing from outer space

        • boki019

          nice link Paula LOL

        • shaka

          That link was the best!!! I sent it to my whole office, and have been enjoying listening to the people who opened it!!!!

  • chowdersoup



    #17 In the episode where they go to the pawtucket brewery brian and peter spend the whole night drinking beer in there and fill the whole room with beer cans.

  • I_am_elf

    #7 Is a true hero in my eyes

    • Yeah_Whatever

      I'd rather say he's a true perv. It's just girls in a bikini. Doesn't he have enough balls to approach them openly?

  • JFK

    #22 Kitties are just the best 🙂

    • Sizzle

      dogs >

    • LukeSkywalker

      I think you mispelled "titties."

    • less

      lazy selfish animals

  • tits_mcgee_

    #17 I've never even noticed that… mind blown

    • Dopey

      I think it's Brian's room. I know I've seen him in there at least once.

      • Simon Jarman


    • http://www.facebook.com/jbachynski Josh Bachynski

      When they are trying to find the scrolls to visit the brewery.
      and there is another scene (i believe), when Stewie wants to be punished by Lois, he pisses off Brian in there.

      • JayRomey420

        You're right about the Brewery. That's where Peter & Brian were drinking.

    • bbqboobs

      Yeah, what Josh said. Lois accuses Peter of being drunk, and Peter comes back with,"I'm not drunk, I'm just exhausted cause I've been up all night drinking."

      • Birdhaus32

        Exactly what I was thinking. I was hoping I wouldn't be the only one who knew about the brewery episode

        • Sizzle

          aka the old, good episodes. Back before the show started to suck immensly.

          Also, nice avatar. Archer is the greatest show on TV right now. Period.

          • Nastee

            Second! We need an Archer post! Spread the word!

            • shaka

              Agreed an Archer Post would rock!!!

          • Birdhaus32

            Definitely best show out.

            Side note: a fun game is trying to use Archer quotes in your day to day. Some of my favorites:

            "You manatee!"

            "No, you can't leave me alone, that's when she strikes, like a slutty little ninja"

            "That's how you get ants!"

            • McBeastie

              It's alright, but it's no Venture Brothers.

              • http://www.facebook.com/will.moog Will Moog


            • Paul

              I find myself saying "YUP" and "Nope" in Lana voice more and more everyday.

              • Birdhaus32


        • SafetyScissors

          Same here haha I've seen that one about 4 times and its funnier every time.

      • phdonme

        And Lois ask him if he knows what time it is. And peter Replies "Thanks for the update Big Ben"

    • Skipping The Surface

      And don't forget the episode 'Holy Crap' when Peter's father calls Meg a harlot for holding hands with Kevin.

    • FamGuy Fan

      Also in one of the latest episodes Halloween on Spooner St, Brian sees himself in the sliding glass door and knocks himself out trying to attack the "other dog". Oh and Chive On!

    • ion

      is it not the kitchen and that is the outside door they come in through

    • lollers

      also an episode where Brian is reading a book and stewie is being nice to him because he is holding on to the money that stewie, meg and chris collectively found….Ah, Dostoyevsky-the Mad Russian

      • teh_shard

        good stuff… gooood stuff.

    • b-ry

      What Deuce.
      Stewie forever.

    • Khorbis

      Actually, I used to live in an old house that had a sunroom – looks exactly like that. I don't think they've ever used it. Geez. Good eye whoever caught that one.

      • Blumpkins

        There's one on the house from "Growing Pains"

    • mcjugs

      They used it in the episode where they found someones money clip, and brian was reading a book and stewie came in trying to get him to give up the money.

    • Cronin

      They used that room in the early seasons, Peter and Brian had a drinking contest in there in one of the early seasons.

      • Mercules

        I watched Family Guy in the early years, before everyone else started watching it. You guys probably had never heard of it then. Now that other people watch it, it sucks.

    • Dan-O

      "Wasted Talent" is episode 20, from the second season of the FOX animated series Family Guy. It is the 27th episode of Family Guy.

      Peter and Brian are drunk in this room.

    • Knuckledonkey

      Also, where Francis accuses Meg a harlot for walking home with the neighbor boy.

    • Harold
    • Smelly Jones

      Sooo to sum it up there have been several times when they used that room. End of thread.

    • readybeeill

      It was used in THe episode where Peter drinks all the beer to find the ticket for the brewery tour. Season 1 or 2 maybe.

    • Lo Main

      They have used this room before in a couple of episodes

  • method_man

    #13 love that movie

    • theHoss

      Before anyone asks, Full Metal Jacket is the film

      • Chive_On

        Private Pyle.

        Fucking Epic(!) suicide scene, and the reason I actually sat down and had to watch it a second time to realize just how excellent the movie is.

        • Heywoodjablowme

          my personal favourite scene in this awesome movie:

    • HUNK

      Bull Shit! I Can't hear you!

      • Admiral Ackbar

        Sound off like you got a pair!

    • bobsky

      They're paying for it…you eat it! (or something like that)

    • MacNCheesePro


      I'll never forget that line, lol!

      • Ken

        "If God wanted you on the other side of this obstacle he would Miracle your ass over the wall!"

    • Admiral Ackbar

      One of Stanley Kubrick's best films ever!

      Vincent D'Onofrio scared the crap out of me when we went psycho.

      Favorite line of the movie:

      "How tall are you private?"
      "Sir, Five-foot-nine, sir."
      "Five-foot-nine, I didn't know they stacked shit that high!"

      that and:

      "I bet you're the kind of guy that would f@#k a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around. I'll be watching you. "

  • Jimmymac

    #10 looks like some sort of cactus themed superhero

    • zombie

      well your cactus themed superhero is kind of losing at the moment.

      • Stevo

        possibly because he is a cactus themed superhero?

        • BloodScrubber

          Captain Pricktamus is not amused. B)

  • SushiMutilator

    #5 that kid is awesome

    • eric

      loke a boss

    • Sizzle

      And that picture is probably photoshopped.

  • theHoss

    #19 looks like it could become a horror film…

    • Chesty Laroo

      tonight you

    • b-ry

      looks like that shitty kid from the Grudge.

    • purgedsoul


    • Q51

      My Precious…

  • Peter Lewis

    The room on the side of the grioons house is the piano room. U see it being used quite a bit when lois is giving piano lessons to people.

    • http://twitter.com/StrongAsMeat @StrongAsMeat

      No it isn't. It's a screened in sunroom. And it's the Griffi
      ns, not grioons.

      • http://twitter.com/StrongAsMeat @StrongAsMeat


      • kebert xela

        'F' isn't even remotely close to 'O'…. Just curious as to how you pulled that one off unintentionally :S.

  • EastSidePaul

    #13 i,2,3,4 I love marine core!

    • redtrain

      Marine Corps my friend, Marine Corps

      • DaddyD

        Or maybe he was punning on hard core?

        Nah, not if he's from the East Side.

      • Marine


  • McSgwigga

    #17 – Only seen it used once in the episode "Wasted Talent"

    • Your Face

      The Golden Ticket episode, they get drunk in it

    • ffuego

      THANKS! I couldnt remeber the ep, but i knew they had used it before!

  • DutchChiveFan

    #7 Bushdiving

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dawn-DuBois/507725936 Dawn DuBois

    #1 Haters gonna…awww…you know what? Its just pathetic.

    • McBeastie

      Kinda sick of them making fun of the same fat kid over and over again.

      • http://theanisette.com Daris

        Not me, I think he's hirarious.

      • Jak

        He's famous man. Enjoy the laughs because that kid is awesome

        • McBeastie

          Not saying he isn't awesome or funny. Just inching closer to being more mean than funny with every pic.

      • Lev

        If we aren't supposed to laugh, his friends/family shouldn't keep posting new hilarious pics on the internet.

    • John

      The kid is going to be goofy looking whether you post the picture or not. But at least some day if the Chive ever gets really huge he can point at these pictures and say ya that was me. Might get him laid someday. I mean frankly I think he looks like a cool little kid because of these posts.

  • MigraineBoy

    #9 Epic youngster. Wish I was that carefree.

    • GK-4

      good to see a kid nowadays who hasn't ditched imagination for his own personal iPad

  • hater

    #1. E. Honda – the early years…

    • Gevth

      He should fight against kid Shang Tsung #19

  • mrjimmyos

    #17 they used it in that episode with the beer contest where pete drank a crapload of beer with brian in that room

    • E.V.L.

      I believe you mean "Peter", not "Pete" … 🙂

      • JBinNC

        Maybe they're just that good of friends that he can call him Pete.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Griffith.Nick Nick Griffith

      Yes, it was when they were looking for the golden ticket to the Pawtucket Brewery.

      • mrjimmyos

        Griffith, heheh, for a sec I thought you were related to someone I know

    • ales

      I'm not drunk I'm just tired from drinking all night !

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #22 humina… humina… humina… meooww!

  • davey

    I do .
    You're Welcome!

    • Knuckledonkey

      You mean more than one in a spot?

    • Yo Mamma

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!1

    • skillnye


    • tim

      If I'm with friends, yes. Otherwise, I fail to see how I am not entitled to my own spot. It's not like I'm the asshat in a giant truck or mercedes who thinks that I should get MORE than one spot. The only reason the bikes in the picture are parked that way is because there is a walkway to the right; otherwise, parking like that will inevitably block someone in.

      • smallchinaman

        Totally agree with you. And one more rant, I hate bikers that think they can ride up on the sidewalk in front of a business and park. I ride everyday (Phoenix lets you do that without freezing) and I would never be so presumptious to think I deserve to park 5 feet from the door.

  • engine911

    #2 Balls of steal, yup he's got them.

    • TitoRigatoni


  • engine911

    So you want to meet a rich single so you can be their bitch?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikehayward Mike Hayward

    #15 ….Swimming board?!?

    • ronald

      What IS a swimming board

    • kyle

      That is a bodyboard aka sponge, boogieboard or if you are from New Zealand, a lid, because they resemble the lids from picnic coolers.

      • http://www.facebook.com/will.moog Will Moog

        So where on earth do they call it a "Swimming Board"?

        Also, I don't get why the first one is "gay".

    • Anon

      The Cake is a Lie.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Forrest-Herron/1287270554 Forrest Herron

    #1 that kid never gets old

    • DaddyD

      And probably never will.

      • GK-4

        he doesn't? So he's cursed to walk this world as an immortal?
        an a perpetually chubby body?
        And as the haters keep hating, he'll shrug them off and say: "Haters come and Go" as he awkwardly waddles the 5th generation.

        • DaddyD

          Funny … I meant he was going to die young!

          • brimstone

            so will you you keep making fun of helpless children

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