• Easymac

    Norwegians are craaazy

  • rick

    Moose have bad eyesight. They charge out of fear most of the time. The point is to startle them at the right moment and make them wonder if they are going against something that is bigger than they thought. When they break stride they get out of 'fight' mode and decide to take off. Would work on a big moose as well. Not that I want to try it any time soon 'cause, y'know, ouch if you get one that doesn't stop.

  • Olle


    • Dan


  • Tommy2X4

    Good thing it wasn't Bullwinkle.

  • FMC

    Moose kill a lot of folks every year. Had there been one around this guy is lucky they weren't curbstomped!

  • x17

    Lucky guy it was a baby. Any adult would have just trampled him.

    Don't do this.

  • TJ73

    Fight or Flight baby!



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Johnny-Hårfager-Alfredsson/604495464 Johnny Hårfager Alfredsson

    Happens all the time over here.

  • b-b-b-bryan

    Now try it with a bull moose.

  • jeff

    One doesnt simply lead a moose into Mordor!

  • Da Sandman


  • Little Earl

    like to see mummy moose have her way with this tool

  • 2cool4skool

    Well that was badass…

  • James

    This moron is lucky that was not a full grown moose.

  • teninches

    If you watch the very end of the video, the moose turns around, I think he's coming back to show this guy what's up1!

  • Aztek

    Big cojones!!!

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