theCHIVE goes to the Playboy ‘We Heart Japan’ Tsunami relief event (23 Photos)

Last night, myself, Bob, Rick, Patty and even Mac the Intern were invited to the 'We Love Japan' Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Event in Support of Operation USA. I think host Jeffrey Ross pretty much summed it up when he said, "Imagine walking into a place that only holds 200 people and 44 of them are Playmates."

The event raised a lot of money for a great cause and one of the best disaster relief charities out there. To say the least, we were blown away to be there and we'd love to thank all the Playmates for being so unbelievably nice… and hot.

Leo chose a terrible time to head back to Chicago for a wedding. Just terrible.

  • yuri

    i would do anything to stand next to sarah jean underwood

  • James

    I love the Chive, I really do. And the guys who do it…that said, someone has to be humane and tell John that the scarf is horrendous!!!x

  • Anonymous

    you guys are living the f’in dream!! Jealous as hell.

  • confusion

    scarf says, hello I am a homosexual. john, if not gay, correct this.

  • SSG A

    Let’s be honest.. he was surrounded by half naked gorgeous women, while we were staring at the chive.. therefore your argument is invalid.. scarf is not gay

  • tom_sd

    It's official. I want to work at the chive when I grow up.

  • @mighty_jeff

    #8 More please!

  • Stu

    #7 She's incredibly hot, but I hope she can fake an orgasm better than she fakes a smile.

  • orylolol

    #3 Checking the goods.


  • Dazza

    Sarah Underwood… mmmm!


    Damn guys you are so lucky!!!

  • batex

    holy sh!t you guys are awesome – especially photo #6

  • jack wagon

    whats with the scarf? hipster much?

  • themouthfromthesouth


  • markkens

    Every Chive visual cliche imaginable. Too bad there couldn't have been some Chivery modeling.

  • chiveQpublic

    #7 sara jean underwood, EPIC hottie! the star wars themed car wash still gives me goosebumps

  • Steve


    All the talk about Sara Jean Underwood (while well-deserved) – and no mention of the actual Japanese Playmate there, Hiromi Oshima?

  • hooter

    wow thats amazing

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #23 Right on Patty get it in there….

  • Rebel_Soul

    #5 Who is the Angel on the left?

  • Ken

    check the girls who were there on this link (near the middle of the page below the dancers. My wife asked what I was doing so I couldn't do further research (sigh)

  • ItsOkImADoctor

    The scarf seems to be doing wonders for you

  • Moose

    #20 where do I get those tickets?

  • benslocs

    Any jobs going??! #7 is hot as hell!

  • Gabe

    hey chive guys! jus wanted to point out that #7 and # 8 the playmates have HOVER HANDS!!!! and #8 has an awesome photobomb!!!!! hahahaha
    keep on chivin!
    loyally a chiver Gabe C reppin the dirty jerz

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