theCHIVE goes to the Playboy ‘We Heart Japan’ Tsunami relief event (23 Photos)

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  • yuri

    i would do anything to stand next to sarah jean underwood

  • James

    I love the Chive, I really do. And the guys who do it…that said, someone has to be humane and tell John that the scarf is horrendous!!!x

  • Anonymous

    you guys are living the f’in dream!! Jealous as hell.

  • confusion

    scarf says, hello I am a homosexual. john, if not gay, correct this.

  • SSG A

    Let’s be honest.. he was surrounded by half naked gorgeous women, while we were staring at the chive.. therefore your argument is invalid.. scarf is not gay

  • tom_sd

    It's official. I want to work at the chive when I grow up.

  • @mighty_jeff

    #8 More please!

  • Stu

    #7 She's incredibly hot, but I hope she can fake an orgasm better than she fakes a smile.

  • orylolol

    #3 Checking the goods.


  • Dazza

    Sarah Underwood… mmmm!


    Damn guys you are so lucky!!!

  • batex

    holy sh!t you guys are awesome – especially photo #6

  • jack wagon

    whats with the scarf? hipster much?

  • themouthfromthesouth


  • markkens

    Every Chive visual cliche imaginable. Too bad there couldn't have been some Chivery modeling.

  • chiveQpublic

    #7 sara jean underwood, EPIC hottie! the star wars themed car wash still gives me goosebumps

  • Steve


    All the talk about Sara Jean Underwood (while well-deserved) – and no mention of the actual Japanese Playmate there, Hiromi Oshima?

  • hooter

    wow thats amazing

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #23 Right on Patty get it in there….

  • Rebel_Soul

    #5 Who is the Angel on the left?

  • Ken

    check the girls who were there on this link (near the middle of the page below the dancers. My wife asked what I was doing so I couldn't do further research (sigh)

  • ItsOkImADoctor

    The scarf seems to be doing wonders for you

  • Moose

    #20 where do I get those tickets?

  • benslocs

    Any jobs going??! #7 is hot as hell!

  • Gabe

    hey chive guys! jus wanted to point out that #7 and # 8 the playmates have HOVER HANDS!!!! and #8 has an awesome photobomb!!!!! hahahaha
    keep on chivin!
    loyally a chiver Gabe C reppin the dirty jerz

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