WTF is going on here? (24 photos)

  • Rosie


    Guy on the left totally looks like WikiLeaks guy…

  • bobarino

    #16 ….isn't that Kid from Kid 'n Play?

  • wuzzman16

    #10, hes just holding up one finger for every win they had this year.
    Blue Jackets are horrible

  • greasdupdeafguy

    #21 I've always wanted my own angry faced Obama toy

  • 2old4this

    #9 It's actually the way to wash persian rugs
    #14 Building in Mexico City: The developer got in a no win with city inspectors about not having enough trees in his plan. They wanted 1 more than he had. Solution: here's your f$%king tree. It is real and about 20 years old. Near San Isidro and Periferico and clearly visible when driving down the main highway.

  • tom_sd

    #2 C'mon. How else is the elephant supposed to carry him around?

  • Dan Hewett

    if you need #17 explained you can just get the fuck out

  • Nathan

    #13 "Are you my mummy?"

    • SpecialK

      Awesome Dr. Who reference sir!

      • Nathan

        Yes, SpecialK, you just made my day, I didn't expect anyone to actually get it.

        For those who dont get it, 2 youtube clips:

  • x17
  • Jdub ottawa

    #12 is from the trailer park boys, best thing to come out of Canada since poutine!

  • Jason

    #19 is smoking hot…definetly chiveworthy!

  • LazyTheKid

    Either way he'll make you jump, jump.

  • kiwiflash

    #13 I own that album. It's godly.

  • lizajone
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