Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • Arjay

    Judging by the look on the older kid's face, that little tyke has no future.

  • mrjimmyos

    #45 deal of the century!

  • ClariseStarling


    'twas love at first fap

  • DRC36


    "Whatup dog? Just bullshittin"

  • DRC36


    Bugs Bunny's Bro. Way cooler than Bugs. The only time he's hunted is when people hunt him down to come make a party a real fuckin party.

  • DRC36


    "C'mon hunny get up. You look like a little bitch."

  • DRC36


    "Are you serious man? Do you see how big this canyon is? Do you see that it's on fire? Kinda hard to find it in these conditions. Dick."

    • DRC36

      psh. that's funny dammit.

  • Maty

    #2 Moar please!

  • yoav^^^

    #48 funny every single time

  • czoszeski

    #8 – lady gaga's latest outfit
    #12 – so momentum = mass(tons) x velocity(barely any)
    #15 – try messin wid me now authorities
    #25 kim il song as child, already has a planxD
    #41 LMFAO
    #47 Angie Varona soooooo hot as always

  • Chase Yaremchuk

    Find her

  • drewdeze

    #28 is so fine i would have her kids

  • chrisdg74

    For the love of God, MOAR!! of #2 and #28.

  • Diana Santos

    #5 and that´s why are the women taking care of the babies and the kitchen…xD

  • Ramennov

    #33 Ah you crazy Deutsche.

  • bob the builder

    #47 is a butterHead

  • bkfrijoles

    #46 is my new desktop

  • Erich

    #29 "Yo dawg, we heard you like skateboards"

  • Bodhi
  • Mike

    #35 Jaclyn Swedberg Needs a Chive gallery now!

  • James

    WHO IS #23 #28? MOAR!

  • greasdupdeafguy

    #2 a hottie and a vintage guitar. The only way this picture gets better is if it had beer in it

  • xen

    #32 Taylor Swift?

  • jkharrer

    I think I remember seeing the drinking bunny from #8 at a Green Day concert in '05…

  • Yowakeup

    Seriously whats with the scarf? is it the new douchbag thing, wearing a scarf,

    if you want to suck cock just got out and do it, you don't ned to advertise by wearing a fucking scarf, like it's 20degrees below 0, Hipster

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