It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (32 Photos)

  • Shane-Amanda Anderson

    My first post, Is it first.

    • drpaperclip7

      Being first to comment on a thread is not cool, really not that funny…at all

    • DefendDallas

      Let me be the first to tell you to fucking die in a fire!

  • perkins

    #19 looks like he has a drinking problem

    • MacLeod

      You get a + for the airplane reference, got a good laugh out of that.

    • Joel

      Seriously great reference!

  • Ilya Josefson

    #32 Dump 'em!!!!

    • bravesfan0690

      I would scream in horror if I came out of a tunnel to see that.

    • Big E

      Looks like someone captured on film the moment our species left the ocean

    • Mark Wolcott

      who bombed who?!

  • Georgia Tech

    photobombs!!! tgif

  • TheRealJoel

    #4 Ha!

    • chaz

      Is that a Danny Devito bomb

  • Daris

    Seriously? GTFO.

    • Ben

      Gotta love China

      • engine911

        My guess is that this is Japan their the crazy fun Asian's

    • Jesse

      Pimpin Aint Easy

  • engine911

    #16 Not sure where this guy is at, but he seems to be the man there.

    • Sal

      hahahaha omg he finally got on the chive

    • jen

      I thought the exact same thing. All those young girls love him!

  • chiz niz

    #14 Find the brunette on the left!

    • llano2

      Yes, MOAR

  • Alan

    #14 Tennessee Vol Bomb!!!!

  • engine911

    #24 Find her, she has that classic girl next-door look and she is about the jump out of a plane double MOAR!

    • inquisitor80

      i second that request. Moar!

      • youreacreep.

        nahh shes a total blanket hog.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    lets call #7 a bob-omb

    • JohnsScarf

      John – I do not appreciate what you used me for later that night. Please wash me.

      • isawoj

        Oh crap, it became sentient.

  • Bryan

    Artie Lange…back from the dead? Looks like you are doing well, my friend.

  • YOU

    #12 … awesome

    • @paekman

      F f f f find her.

  • Bryan

    #1 #4 Chick in #12 is hot.

  • bless1

    #7- bunny on the far right is so f-n hot! been drooling over her all week. how bout some solo non playboy pics of her.

    • MagicArc

      Sara Jean Underwood PMOY 2006. She's on Attack of the Show in skimpy outfits…or just use the googlenets to find her nuddies.

  • kooky

    what the shit? I have sent you some gems of photo bombs and this is what goes up this week?

  • Dagoth Wit

    #15 Jeff Garlin?

    • bunedoggle

      Exactly what I thought, it has to be him.

    • bert


  • SEN

    #32 MOAR !!!! loljk KILL IT WITH FIRE !!!!

  • E.V.L.

    #15 Lol the guy on the right looks like the "forever alone" meme … sorta!

  • Paula_

    #7 John, please bring me the second girl from the right, OK?

    – burning down the toothbrush factory

    • Wavien

      burning down the toothbrush factory

      Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

      • Paula_

        Someone knows… xD

        – too big to be photobombed

        • That Guy

          I think maybe you should submit a Sexy Chivers pic.

          • Billy

            I think everyone should know that Paula is really Paul A. The A is for asshole.

  • biindsp0t

    So you're saying is that you pissed in a cup in front of everyone at a car show… o.0

    • Dylan

      Uhh no… – Ive been the one holding the cup – when a little one has to go – there is no stopping them

  • Junior

    #32 find her!!!

  • Adi

    Yeh v definitely knw 😉

    • lklk

      know what?

  • clenis9

    I seriously think I see balls hanging down on #32.

    • SkyVader

      Why are you checking out that chick's balls, dude??

  • DeathByCherio

    #8 "Praise Jesus! (for the chive)"

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