• Benjamin Tan

    Oh well, lightning never strikes twi- ohhh nevermind.

    • Nick

      I was expecting a third time right at the end.

  • Nicklaus T. Hoang

    If this is real I hope that guy gets a copy of this tape.

    • MIKE

      chive help us!!! =)

    • Mark Wolcott

      I think if lightning hit that close to the camera, it would be total white out.

  • foshizzle

    twice? no way…

    • hMMMM

      What are those black spots where he was struck?

      • Adam

        I would assume scorch marks from the heat of the strike?

        • Nye

          Fun Fact: Lightning actually goes from the bottom up, not the top down. Energy's the hottest at the ground, hence the scorching.

    • Evelyn

      i've heard you're more likely to get hit again if you've been hit once, i guess it attracts them more?

  • Craig

    I know it's terrible, but I couldn't stop laughing after the second strike.

    • SteveySteveSteve

      Yep, gotta ask yourself what you did to piss God off so much once you're struck twice. Just so the chive knows, I'm pretty sure God is a Chiver, and likes his DAR's on time… just sayin.


    I believed it after the first one… and was pretty impressed. Second time… I no longer buy it.

    Unless this is IronMan.

    • bob151

      Agree. At first I was like "HOLY FUCK!!!" Then I was like "I call bullshit."

  • Pepe

    Fake and Gay

    • Different Guy

      Taking lightning in the butt it is gay, but him being a homosexual is not fake.

    • mark

      aww shit, users are infiltrating the chive comment board.

  • Jason

    There is no way this is real…. Just thinking of the odds of being struck twice and it being caught on video tape all happening within a minute is mind blowing!!!!!

    • Blake

      More importantly, if anyone has ever seen lightning strike nearby, like anything less than about a quarter, you'd know that the entire world turns white and not just for a blink that you can't even pause on a video…also, the street seems pretty busy right up until the zapping…almost like it was planned that way !O.O!

      • Blake

        Also, none of the shadows change

    • Justin Hall

      Apparently you don't read comics. This is how superheros are made.

      I shall dub him, "Rightning Man"

  • Surf and Snow

    Bull Fugging Shit!!!!

  • x-man

    i sure hope he has super powers now.

    • weariedmind

      sure. the super human ability to shit himself,

    • bunedoggle

      He can now survive lighting strikes.

  • Surf and Snow

    P.S. Patty, in the most respective tone, please drop some more lbs. Your health is very important, as is my need to see more of Whitney!!!! 🙂

    • Go Patty

      Hey why don't you go lose some weight and find hot chicks to take off their clothes for us while you do! Cockbag.

  • Troy Larsen


  • jcustunner

    If you think that's bad luck, there should've been a camera for when he turned the corner and got hit by a bus.

  • dpitty

    … guy running @ 0:03…LOOOOLwtf.

  • Lars from Norway

    and I thought I was having a rough day…

  • Sher Jo

    if this is real, and the jury is waaay out on that, then i can't think of someone who deserves a web redemption more. find him!

    • Guy Incognito

      Really? The jury is out? Did you not see him slow down right before the first strike? And then he gets hit twice in a row? You are quite the derp.

  • Frankie

    getting hit like a boss

  • Zachary Quinn Miller

    …the Hell?

  • Mike

    One thing's for sure, he's now immune to tasers.

  • stinkysloth

    That's funnier than shit even though it's fake

    • Rangerdanger

      If it's fake thenbravo to the editor, it's fkin hilarious. If it's real then the guy is a god damn trooper.

  • Chesty Laroo

    you can see him slow down, just a little, as he runs in the first time…anticipating the strike. Aside from that lightening doesn't hit in one burst, it pulses a number of times (albeit quickly, should still be visible).

    • Rob

      The frame rate of a security camera wouldn't catch subsequent strikes.

  • Eddie

    Is it bad that I laughed hard as hell the second time he got hit?

    • Jesse

      I almost cried I laughed so hard. We probably just moved ourselves up a few notches on the "next to be struck" list.

  • davey

    I was waiting for the 3rd strike and then shooting lightning bolts out his ass.

  • tommy2X4

    If you laughed at this, you could easily be a Roman at the coliseum watching the slaughter of animals and slaves, ya freaks!

    • fuck off

      fuck off

      • DrROBOTO

        Then I am Spartacus!! Cus i laughed my ass off…

    • 123

      Yeah, that or you might just not be stupid enough to believe it's real and have a sense of humor. That or a Roman, like you say, for sure…

      • Steve

        I would LOVE to get a front row seat to the roman coliseum. Some good ol' throwing christians to the lions followed by kick-ass hand to hand gladiator combat. Then go home and have an orgy!!!!

  • kayakcullen

    If that was real lightning, it would of blinded the hell out of that camera for about a second or two.

    • Blake

      I wish I could keep rating this comment up for the shear magnitude of the intelligent thought behind it

    • bigguy

      It would also likely knock the power out completely for a while.

      • its_forge

        That. A strike that close would have put that camera out of commission for good, most likely.

    • TravP

      Would also most likely cause severe burns to his entire. Which I doubt he'd be able to ignore the pain enough to get up and walk away.

  • Hope

    No wind, no additional lightning strikes in the background. Just two random strikes on this dudes head. I call bs

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