• Ray

    Idiot should have stayed in the same spot, lighting never strikes the same spot twice. It moves ten feet then strikes again

  • GOD

    Damn atheist pissed me off then gets up and says im okay. Yeah you better sit down, PUNK.

  • jayman

    See what happens when you don't tune in to the Chive everyday? Bad things man…bad things.

  • charles

    Zeus, Sniping like a BOSS!

  • engine911

    Common not even close to being real. Any one that had watched a lightning storm knows that lightning does not just strike like that, it is longer and it would more intense. Not even close to being real.

  • jake newton

    I'm callin bullshit on this one…no fuckin way

  • Mike

    God cannot kill this man

  • Logan

    Its the Chive.. What did you honestly expect?

  • Alan

    Shit, after the second time, I'd just stay down.


    As we weren't in the poor's man situation, we should find ourselves lucky to be alive and well…

  • BulletproofMonk

    Smite me all mighty smiter!

  • Ken

    Somebody really wants him to die

  • ausguy

    being struck by lightning would have had his brain fried as well as other parts of him, no way in hell he would have stood back up to get struck again. lame video.

  • Spazzy

    I'm gunna call B.S on this. If you freeze it at 27 sec mark when the "lightning" hits, the van nearest the camera casts a shadow in front of it looking like the flash went off from underneath the security camera. Also the trees are illuminated on the side facing the camera not from the side where the "lightning" hit.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    Must have been Chuck Norris

  • Jedediah Hornswaggle

    I didn't believe a panda could order from a menu let alone be shocked at the bill until I saw it on the interwebz

    It's all true.

  • Kiro

    The white wash on the lens would be enormous if a lightning hit that close to the camera…..obvious fake, though still funny 🙂

  • Bob

    Probably some drunk guy that fell over on camera, and someone altered the footage. Still funny, but I'm not buying it.

  • clickhere

    the chosen one

  • KeyserSoze


    • Frylock

      Best comment I’ve read here. Wicked name as well. Kudos!

  • TheRealJoel

    its not real, lol. if lightning hit him not once but twice it woulda blown his ass off, literally. also the video cam recording it would have been KO'd as well.

  • MacNCheesePro

    Six…six six …….sixty-six times ininininn nininin inninininin IN IN IN IN IN THE HEAD!!!!

    • Westy

      I wish i could thumbs this up a million times.

  • Rob

    Really boring trailer for Final Destination 5.

  • Jay

    Behold the origin story of Lightning Man!

  • Ricardo Feldhaus Krisanoski

    Ohhhhhhh shit!!! No freaking way!!!

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