• shamshe

    he is going to have powders power now.

  • doc_bizzy

    geez who did he piss off

  • JohnnyDoGood

    Great movie magic. Since twenty-five seconds before the lightning struck, there was no other instance of lightning in the video. I would’ve believed it was real until I saw the second one hit me. Well, if the video is real, he might have some superpowers.

  • TIMMAY!!

    Hi, Tetsuo? It's God. Fuck you.

  • willkm75

    Get the fuck out!!!! No way this is real.. And if it is that lucky Bastard needs to go and buy TWO fucking lotto tickets… I'm Sorry but it is just to good to be true..

  • gerbil

    6…60…66…times. Innnnnna, nnnaaaa, nnaaa, inaa, in the head.

  • Joe

    Irritatingly fake

  • ProvenZer0

    Not believing it. but was waiting for a third strike.

  • Bonchy

    Aw no, it;'s fake, the shadows dont change if you freeze the video on the first flash.

  • Da Sandman

    nah.. fake

  • brandnew88

    Like a Boss!

  • Shane

    Hrm, I wonder if it may have something to do with that comic book movie about a lightning god…

  • Ugly Monkey

    The Birth of Raiden!

  • Mark

    Take a second strike? Challenge accepted.

  • Ronald Huntley

    Fake and Gay

  • Bob

    Major nerve damage inc

  • bisketz

    FAKE! Why no other lighting in the sky and why does he react before he gets hit prior to the 1st strike?

  • theo

    if you know what lightning to does cameras at close range you know instantly this is fake.

  • ur_momma

    Fake & gay is right, it looks like the "burn marks" on the ground are shopped. @~2:23 the second burn mark moves, which wouldn't happen, even if it were a shadow (light source is on the wrong side). Guy's probly drunk, falls twice, & someone shopped in the lightning & burn marks.

  • Craig143

    This guy could give "Thor the God of Thunder" a run for his money

  • Mr.Odi

    Fake. It looks like some sort of liquid was used to simulate the charred mark on the ground. When he gets up to walk away after the first strike, it looks as if he leaves a wet footprint…

  • Anon

    I just showed this to a friend he claims he saw this before but it was just a drunk guy falling down and no lightning.

  • Keyeh

    It's obviously fake. I've seen where people were standing near a lightning strike and they went flying like 10 feet. This was a direct hit and all he did was fall slowly to the ground. B.S.

  • Buzz

    Yeah it's fake. If you stop the video just when the lighting hits, you can see that the place gets all illuminated, but the lightning is not the source, it's something else somewhere down the camera (the POV) like a camera flash maybe

  • buuillis

    is that blood or piss on the groun…..o yea that's all the bull shit seeping out of this gay video

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