More scientific proof that chicks are crazy (27 photos)

  • kingf

    You're doin' it right! #5

  • Anonymous

    #21 was hot till she went for the permanent duck face… Chicks be crazy

  • Krysta Lee

    Omg. #20 actually hit on me on Omegle yesterday. SHE'S STALKING MEEEE!!!! Dx *hangs self*

  • bradlea

    you know #3 were designed by a man, right?
    also, i want those shoes sooo badly.

  • Holland

    #2 Who else noticed the tits on this one aren't the same?

  • Swede

    #20 is a swedish blogger named Kissie. DONT Google it!

  •ño/1126132396 Aaron Esteban Briceño

    #19 looks like an alien

  • David

    #12 ….i hope those are clean.

  • chag

    Six Fingers?? #23

  • Lia

    Of course we’re crazy…we have to deal with men every day…. 😉 😉

  • ArrestingTerry

    #19 I want to kick her right back down the steps.

  • HanaBerlin

    #18 very funny! LOL!:)

  • Jen McVay

    #8 I saw her in Chicago at the Windy City Burlesque Festival. She was awesome! More impressive in the dark.

  • Mookie

    #5 knows her role

  • Jessa Peake-Bay

    blame the male-dominated culture they live in

  • Donovon

    #18. LOVE IT. That's me at 5am.

  • RandomJoe101

    #2 #19
    That is all.

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