Hot Girls in the Middle of Nowhere (25 Photos)

  • Sen

    I love you Chive. <ForeverAlone>

  • DRC36


    Wouldn't you have loved to have taken this picture?

    • Seannerz

      I'd rather be in the picture.

      • DRC36

        haa true

    • J.Dot

      I would have rather been in the lake water that they eventually peed in. Mmmmm (lips smack)

      • name

        And yet you get thumbs up. What a world.

  • Brad

    #1, #5, #7, #20, #23

    These are my picks this week.

    • daniel

      I couldn't agree more! 🙂

    • 0urher0

      Weird… I had the EXACT same numbers in my head when i got to the comments… (+ #21 …she looks fun.)

    • alex


  • davey

    wish I was there

    • COCO

      True they may need you to save them they start drowning. Someone to do mouth on mouth CPR.

      • JDubs

        Coco isn't there a kitten that needs saving somewhere? I don't understand why you even look at the lovely ladies and then go the extra mile to complain about them.

  • JohnQ

    #9 Long haired brunettes ftw.

    • COCO

      Or could be fake hair made in China

    • @SteveGrenier

      Is it just me or does she remind you of Karen from Californication?

      • its_forge

        Natascha McElhone? Who has light brown hair and blue eyes and fair skin? Uh. Kay.

  • JMT

    #19 hmm.. she's begging for something in her mouth

    • COCO

      I agree. Someone get her a hamburger, she's too skinny.

      • NUB

        id do her.

    • name

      You mean like a penis?

  • JohnQ

    #18 mesmerizing. can't stop looking at her o.0

  • JohnQ

    #21 beautiful smile

    • whoozbi

      i see a house….how is that the middle of nowhere?

  • Radam

    #21 isnt quite the middle of nowhere, now is it…….

    • TwistedSister

      To be fair, most of these are not in the middle of nowhere, and the gallery should have a different name, but it doesn't matter cause these girls are simply gorgeous.

    • Jay

      … but nowhere have I seen this in my backyard, so it counts!!

  • _PandaJerk

    #23 is gorgeous. Moar please 🙂 Sort of almost looks a bit like Olivia Wilde…

    • Catch

      One of the hottest to ever grace the chive.

    • its_forge

      As with Wilde, it's called "eyeliner." = ) No she and Wilde are both very very pretty actually.

  • Paula_

    Well done Mac! Now when you're done rubbing your pants get me a cappucino on the double.

    – the one who likes messing with interns more than Bill did

  • DRC36


    Absolutely fantastic features

  • Lou101

    I like you #23

  • Hrimfaxi



  • Phil


    somehow shes doing it wrong and right at the same time

  • shon

    #7 good god

  • Paul Musselman

    #17 Sometimes summer is just overrated. Bring on the snow bunnies!

    • Swede

      Lindsey Vonn from the US skiing team

  • EdWood

    Suggestion for new post.

    Beautiful Women in the Middle of the Kitchen.
    Making a sammich.

    • COCO

      This is not the 1800s anymore. Equality for all. Made your own Damn sandwich.

      • Atacon

        How about

        Beautiful Women in the Middle of the Garage.
        Fixing a truck.

        • BentWrenches

          I'd like to see that

      • EdWood

        Are you totally devoid of a sense of humor?That was just a joke.
        Also, it is spelled sammich.You need to lighten up some. Have a great day!

    • thing


  • Stacy

    #17 = Lyndsey Vonn

  • Maysam Senaps
  • CalculatedRisk

    #16 That's quite a tricep you have there.
    #5 *speechless*

  • Beano

    love the boots #16

    • COCO

      I think you can get them at Walmart or Target. I am not sure

  • ausguy

    #18 #19 #21 #22 = pure win!. *wipes away the drool*

  • Steven

    Hot girls all alone in the middle of nowhere…"ripe for the picking"

  • Professor Jive

    #25 I want to go to there.

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