Osama Bin Laden Is Dead!!! (3 Photos)

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A small team of American Special Forces crossed Afghanistan into Pakistan and carried out an operation to kill Osama Bin Laden. The terrorist wasn't hiding in the hills or a cave or remote tribal area but rather in a mansion near the Pakistani capital.

A firefight broke out and Osama was killed. No Americans were hurt. Read more here.

Right now throngs of Americans are gathering outside the White House and Ground Zero to celebrate. Myself, Leo, Rick (theBRIGADE) have just cracked open beers and started the celebration.

Tonight we remember the American heroes who died on that crisp fall day in 2001 and all our service men and women who have since given their lives to protect us here at home.

  • Lunakohntic

    Rest In Peace, all the casualties of 911 and all the service men & women who have and continue to pay the ultimate price for all the liberties we all enjoy. We pay tribute to their sacrifices; let us never forget!!!

  • Robert J.

    I too am glad that the swine is dead. May he burn in Hell with his 72 virgins who I am postive God will ensure are all older and uglier than he was ………. BUT…. at the same time, yesterday's TV broadcasts were very disturbing. We have all seen, and we have all been shocked and disgusted when we have seen images of terrorists and those of his ilk cheering and ranting and raving over a dead serviceman's body, or over the remains of a westerner that one of his kind have butchered or drug to death behind a pickup. We have viewed them as the cold heartless vile brainless models of evil that we believe all who could act that way are……… So what happened yesterday? Was it America's turn to mimic their kind? That is how the images on every network appeared. The headers on the screen could have been in Arabic and we would have thought that it was another westerner's death being celebrated…… Come on America. Lets be happy about the passing of that animal swine. But lets also be above those who would celebrate like they do….. I think we are better than that, and I was ashamed to see people like you and me acting that way.

  • Khaqan Javaid

    The American Special Forces did not cross Afghanistan into Pakistan. That is incorrect. The American Special Forces had been working since years with the Pakistan Special Forces to hunt the mad man down. That is the correct new that should have been. The world has been rid of one crazed individual. Many thanks to the Special forces of both countries! I, personally salute them. What worried me is the rest of his crazed followers who will retaliate! By the way the American Forces live within the Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad, Pakistan. Hence, they did not have to cross over. The 'cross over' part can be associated with illegal entry into another country which has been aiding the constant fight against terrorism. A great achievement! Keep up the good work.

  • Ron

    The US gets up in arms because 3000 people died on 9/11 but the fact is, during the Iraq war over 100000 innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed, all because the US invaded Iraq based on Hussein working with Bin Laden and WMDs (both of which were proven false). Who are the real terrorists?

  • dwayne

    Body thrown into the sea ,no pictures we believe the americans just like we believe wwf

  • angel

    us you are the bigest teroriest in tired world .

  • kratom

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  • Daves

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