Osama Bin Laden Is Dead!!! (3 Photos)

A small team of American Special Forces crossed Afghanistan into Pakistan and carried out an operation to kill Osama Bin Laden. The terrorist wasn't hiding in the hills or a cave or remote tribal area but rather in a mansion near the Pakistani capital.

A firefight broke out and Osama was killed. No Americans were hurt. Read more here.

Right now throngs of Americans are gathering outside the White House and Ground Zero to celebrate. Myself, Leo, Rick (theBRIGADE) have just cracked open beers and started the celebration.

Tonight we remember the American heroes who died on that crisp fall day in 2001 and all our service men and women who have since given their lives to protect us here at home.

  • hedden93

    AMERICA . . . FUCK YEAH!!!

    • TKE257

      Osama Bin Laden went from "Single" to "Satan's Bitch"

    • America

      Fuck yeah!!!

    • Guest

      coming again to save the motherfuckin day, yeah

    • miliano2.0

      I have been listening to that song for the past 30 mins.

    • Poontangler


    • Mike

      That's one more asshole that won't ever get to shit on anyone ever again.

    • turbosmurf

      why did they have to kill him ? he had valuable info , they could have captured him , tortured the info out of him and then killed him. now he is a Jihad martyr , expect some Al Qaeda retaliations soon.

      • Stevo

        he probably wouldn't let himself be taken alive. And you can't stop fighting because Al Qaeda threatens retaliation.

    • Birdhaus32

      Coming again, to save the mother fucking day yeah!

    • Malkintosh22

      It wasn't just the Americans that were involved in taking him down. Sure, American soldiers may have done the actual killing, but there was lots of collaboration and cooperation between all allied nations. Even some of the countries he was hiding in.

  • Mike H.

    Tango down.

    • chris

      we got him!

    • B B B

      Bom. Headshot

      • B B B


  • Troy Larsen

    GO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i could have killed him myself!!!!

    • Red Rabbit

      I know I'm going to get alot of crap for saying this, but… in the end he was just a man and had already lost when chose the side of evil. No man can stand against God's plan. I pray that God will show him mercy as I pray that he will show me mercy during judgement.

      • wilson

        don't worry, he's doing fine with his virgins.

        • Larry

          yep they all look like Patty before he lost the weight.

      • Katie

        …. AMERICA – FUCK YEAH.

      • SheriffPablo

        True, it is god's place to judge, but i am so glad we could arrange the meeting!

        • God

          I don't exist.

  • c dubs

    now that we've found osama, where's waldo?

    • ryan

      steal that right off of digg?

    • dude

      where's maddie macain?

    • nomnomnomnom

      Osama Bin Laden:
      Hide and Seek Champion 2001-2011

      • Some dude...

        He was a good hider. We were apparently just a liiiiiiittle bit better at seeking. …Mission Accomplished. We're done here.

  • Bud Ugly


  • Damien


    • gok attack


  • KCJake

    What a great night. It's good to see Americans united again. No matter how short-lived it might be.

    • dr oekter

      what a sad statement… a man has to die so that you can have fun together…

      • Wilkes

        He was an animal that needed to be put down. Calling him a "man" is a stretch.

        • less

          you mean like Bush?

  • JoShmo

    Quite possibly the best ending to the best bday ever…well, maybe another "lower back problem" post would be the icing on the cake.

    • zombie

      it's my birthday as well! Turning 21, Bin Laden is announced dead…. fuckin' a.

  • DweebsterDeluxe

    we got that sum bitch!

    and I love that this is posted under AWESOME haha 'MERICA!

  • Garrett

    Its a good damn day!

  • jj8

    Well done. But… as someone once said, you can kill the man, but not the idea. Unfortunately, very, this is not the end.

    • Matt

      true but isn't it great to know the bastard is rotting in hell right now? it is for me!!! FUCK YEAH AMERICA!!!!!!!!

      • hhhh

        or maybe he is having lots of fun with his 50 virgins…

        • Katie

          It's 72.

          • hhhh

            well, the first 22 aren't virgins anymore…

          • V4Vendetta14

            And as we speak, they are working on sending 72 virgin Al Quedian males to hell with him…

        • Teo

          Or maybe, due to bad translation they are 72 virginians..

          • JmG

            Robin Williams FTW!

    • mcdonald


    • ydodonutshave2die

      yeah so tru the leader is dead but im scared of the repercussions…

      • Anakrusix

        Wasn't that on V for Vendetta?

      • V4Vendetta14

        What they weren't going to try to kill us anyway? I'm just glad they dumped the body. They would have started executing civilians until we handed it over…

  • TKE257

    I am going have a beer and toast to all men and women in the armed services, esp. to the ones that killed bin laden, we may never know who you are in this life, but God does and he knows that from time to time evil men have to be killed.

    • less

      that's what bin laden used to tell his men

      • Matthew

        Don't bring God into this, theChive doesn't need to turn into a youtube arguing forum.

        • El Chiverino

          No, just retarded replays from a South Park movie, that's what the chive needs in the comments…

  • BulletproofMonk

    Yay! now we can finally get out of iraq and afghanistan!

    • mko

      iraq has nothing to do with it…

    • Ray Cole

      That won't happen… Trust me.

    • carl

      you wish, to much oil in there.

      grtz from belgium.

      • b-ry

        too much oil that America still hasn't got their hands on. well worth the billions put into this war.

    • Skye

      *slaps palm to forehead*

  • Justintheneek

    Go America!

  • Paula

    RIP Osama.

    • Machew

      RIH Osama


    • lfd

      Yeah PIECES!

    • J.Dot

      Perhaps this fake Paula meant RIP as in Rot in Purgatory

    • http://www.facebook.com/KaylaSmith43 Kayla Smith

      They found Bin Laden, they can definitely find your ass….your next on that special forces shit list…..

      • WUT

        …..the hell is wrong with you?

    • Sleepypirate

      Rest in pieces?

    • Jack

      Haven't you heard? There ain't no rest for the wicked.

  • (^_^)

    I'm all for peace and forgiveness, but I'm glad we nailed that particular asshole. 😀

  • KCJake

    The man that made the final shot will never have trouble buying beer or getting laid ever again.

    • lfd

      That is classified info.

    • zombie

      unfortunately, we'll never know who did it, at least for about 50 or so years.

    • Pettinato

      We may not know who he is but I hope hes watching CNN right now and sees the grand deed he has done for his land and may this country pay honor to him even if his name will not go down in history

    • mn11bravo

      I doubt someone in special forces has problem getting laid anyways

    • Stevo

      A medal for sure, something gaudy in case he wants to wear it going clubbing 🙂

    • rishi_11_2002

      unfortunately, for that man, noone will ever know who he was.

  • Adam

    Job well done fellas.

  • fibonacci5150

    Let bald eagles feast on his body!!!!

  • NumB

    navy seals…brass balls

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.zwijacz Mike Zwijacz

  • Hooleyman

    Osama bin Laden dead …. AGAIN. But at what cost ….1000's of US service men dead and we got a feeble old man on dialysis, the mighty Osama …. thank you Jehoval Obama.

  • hooleyman

    Osama bin Laden dead …. AGAIN. But at what cost ….1000's of US service men dead and we got a feeble old man on dialysis, the mighty Osama …. thank you Jehovah Obama.

    • VedHead77

      That was stupid. Both times you said it.

    • eeo1

      yeah retard…. look at the positive aspect!

      • Olivier

        What is the positive aspect in killing and old puppet ? You really think it will stop terrorism ?

        • J.Dot

          Don't think that's the point – but no sense in letting him run around unnecessarily – do you think we should release all of America's serial killers when they reach a certain age or when they become very feeble?

          • Scotsman Rex

            Good Point. Kinda like America saying to Al-Queada and all terrorist don't F*** with US or your next!!

  • alaskaborn

    Twin Towers that, Bin Laden.

  • Old Jeezy

    Good riddance to the cockroach.

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