Photo of the Day: A lot went into it and now, Osama Bin Laden is Dead (Click here for High-Res Photo)

This is a photo of a base with a flag at half mast. There will be many photos of America celebrating but I feel this photo is more important. It is in memory of the many men and women involved with the hunt for Bin Laden.
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  • kORD

    Is this where it went down? If so.. Great great picture.

    • Everett McAnnally


  • Straynjer

    The original reason to go to Afghanistan was to get Bin Laden. He's now dead. Time for everyone to leave Afghanistan.Grats.

  • mongoose

    The guy who popped him should be given everything on a silver platter for the rest of his life.
    Good job, boys!

    • Sadie1182

      AGREED!!!! Congrats!!!!

  • denzino

    We should all be thanking our military. They are the true heroes of this decade long ordeal. I'm proud to have served in the US Navy. All my gratitude to those Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, and Airmen on the ground. You deserve more than just an 'atta boy.

    • Sadie1182

      They deserve a hell of a lot more!!! Agreed!

  • Paul

    First to GO, Last to know…

  • Jeff

    GOD bless everyone who served!!! OORAH!!!!!!!

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