Z battle, 300zx tt vs 370z (29 Pictures)

  • Jimmy5923

    the 300zx tt would win the race but 370z would win the looks.

  • mgreen

    thats a hard one……both

  • monkey

    they both look good… but i get a little adrenaline rush EVERYTIME i see a 300zx

  • texjosh

    The 370 looks so much better and is much more of a sports car. The 300zx was Japanese muscle car. Nothing wrong with that… but I prefer the 370.

  • http://lawsonmahoney.com lawsonmahoney

    The 370 is more true to it's origins, but that doesn't just make it a winner in my book. Once they put twin turbos in the 370, then I'll be a happy man.

  • http://projectz32.com Matt

    Finally…. a 300zx post I'll have 2 please

    Thank you

  • Nico

    Not a fan of the fart cans on #4

  • JRSpN

    300 FTW

  • Diskat

    Still have a crush for the 300.

  • Yanni

    Give me the 300 looks from the front, back, and sides, and the 370 from any off-angle. Then throw in a 370 engine with the twin turbos 🙂

  • SupraJeeper

    Non-riced 300 ftw.

  • sexualniner

    Lamest post ever.

  • spdy2+2

    Z32!! Z32!!!

  • AbsolutDrunk

    Gotta vote for the 300ZX. Although I am biased as I have one myself. Wish I could submit pictures to add to this battle to help the cause.

  • Tyrone Shulaces

    The 300ZX's here are all poorly riced out. If they are going to battle, it should first be about apples-to-apples stock versions, then modified versions of both as well.

    It shouldn't matter that just about every 300ZX still on the road has aftermarket rims and fart can exhausts.

  • Animal42

    #13.. Really?? big a$$.. ugh

  • http://ProjectZ32.com Spdcrazy

    all over the 300zx. 370z's are nice but nothing beats twin turbo's and the vg30dett


  • banong

    the only 2 Z’s worth mentioning are the Fairlady 432 Z & 240 ZG

  • 1990 Bad 300zx

    Let me look at mine & think! – – – – Yup my 300zx TT wins!

  • William

    300zxTT ALL DAY

  • William

    370s are GREAT but why remodel a car after a previous model(350z) you don't destroy classics period…

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