10 years later, ‘Mericans are celebrating at Ground Zero (36 Photos)

These photos via Buzzfeed

  • John

    Fix the title please

    • MacGruber

      Seems a certain editor needs to fired…

    • b-ry

      that's just bad karma….real bad.

    • germanchiver

      why was "people" (in the url) replaced by your stupid "'Mericans" (headline of this thread)?
      also don't getting the hype. he was a nobody. are you expecting freedom now?

      • american chiver

        its called justice, something germany should be familiar with around this time in 1945

        • ....

          then u should have killed George Bush or his dad who started all the bullshit. does this mean that the U.S. is gonna gtfo of every other country its not welcome in?

          • my fallen friends

            where there is some one less fortunate we are there, were there are people being oppressed we are there ………….. SO FUCK YOU YOU STUPID COCK SUCKER

        • Lowrent75


        • Benjiman

          Are you serious? killing osama is showing the world that America is a country of ignorant assholes who don't understand democracy. Nothing is gonna change now for any of you, but once again the rest of the world will hate you

          • Jon

            Because democracies don't believe in killing people? I demand historical evidence.

          • Team America

            Hey Benjamin, go f*ck your Mother

            Durk Durka Durka

          • menace

            I'm pretty sure it's showing the the world that YOU DON'T FUCK WITH THE USA!!!

          • Mark

            So, we're the people ignorant of democracy?
            Do me a favor – go ask the Egyptians, Iranians, Libyans, or Saudis what their day is like today. Go see if they can have political discourse, are free from censorship in the media, are not made to follow laws based in conservative state religion and have a freely elected and transparent government. If ground zero was in one of these countries, there wouldn't be a celebration, because the ability to gather peacefully is not a right.
            I don't like celebrating death, but I support my fellow Americans in their rights to expression; I support them in their relief that a murderous enemy of our country is dead. I support them in remembering their loved ones and celebrating the American effort to find and destroy a violent enemy of our way of life – of the freedoms that you take for granted just sitting and writing your stupidly expressed thoughts on the internet.
            Everything is changing all the time. And just for today, I don't give a care to what the rest of the world says, since if they had the determination that the Americans have, the world would be a far better place.

            • dasuperfan

              thank you mark that was a beautifully written statement and i say that from the bottom of my heart

          • Jack Mehoff

            Hey ass hole, it was a good kill, not a bullet wasted.

      • Nick

        He may have been a nobody in the grand scheme of terrorism abroad. But he planned the events that effected hundreds of thousands. Maybe you have never suffered unjust loss at the hands of a stranger, but let me tell you, the catharsis this brings to those hundreds of thousands is something more deep and unfathomable then anything you have ever experienced in your life. Doubting that, or crapping on that verbally, in front of someone a fore mentioned, will get you slapped up side your head, like a bitch. You don't have feel it or understand it to respect it. So do just that.

    • spacetrader

      may we remember this day forever.


  • theMorgue77

    Why? Because America, THAT'S WHY!!!

    • 90sgamer

      The pictures look just the reactions in certain cities in Afghanistan 10 years ago. Very sad!

      • That Guy

        My God i can not help but think that too. but we were not the aggressor. we were the victim celebrating justice.

    • dude

      What's with the OBAMA 1 OSAMA 0 signs?

      I'm pretty sure Osama racked up at least a couple kills.

      • shaka

        I am positive that it was not Obummer, but the military who made this happen… those people drank the Kool-aid

        • That Guy

          i thought so too at first but am now realizing that he either had to negotiate with Pakistan to make the hit happen or he will have to endure the ramifications of going into Pakistan. President Bush once had the opportunity to take osama out didn't because he was in the hills of Pakistan. like it or not, in the end President Obama had a hand in it. or his administration did.

        • El Chiverino

          Absolutely, Obama is the same guy that cut military pay/benefits/spending. The US troops did this in spite of Obama, not because of him

  • Herp Derp

    D: Obama's death? Maybe, Osama?

  • esternoc


  • wztarheel

    #12 And a Chivette celebrates.

    • craigarlen


    • ROK247

      minka kelly was in that crowd somewhere – DAAAAAAAYYUM

    • A.H.

      Whore could have a little class. It's not the site of a fucking rock concert, just one of the nation's greatest tragedies.

  • Anakrusix


  • bettingonthecubs

    Freudian slip on the title there bob?

  • disturbed

    'Merica! Fuck Yeah!

  • JD Marsh

    Much thanks to Navy SEAL team 6. get some

    • Eddie

      Haha, I kinda had a feeling it was them. Team 6>Delta Force although both would kick my ass 😛

    • Dave Gal

      Why is it always SEAL team 6? Are there even other SEAL teams? If so, how do they feel about never getting the big jobs?

      • x30515

        SEAL Team 6 is not longer called "6." They're know as DEVGRU. Navy Developmental Group, essentially the Navy's version of Delta Force. Delta is still the premier counter-terrorism unit in the world except for the secretive SAD.

        • ROK247

          they are so underground that hipsters dont even know

          • JD Marsh


  • Anthony Dalton

    Thats right folks. Drink the Kool-Aid!

    • patov40

      Mmmmmm, "Fruit Punch"! My favorite!

    • shaka

      Bring it! I will bend you over a stump just like I did to Mohammad!! Making Allah my bitch everyday!

      • Mr Nick

        Stop talking.

  • McBeastie

    If only we all had one of your tinfoil hats that would tell us the "truth" behind everything.

  • ISU Birds

    #12 'Merica!

  • Suz

    Powerful pics! Awesome that Chive got to document the celebrations

    • El Chiverino

      Are you retarded? It wasn't the chive. Fuck, most of them have watermarks from another photographer. You are so fucking stupid!

      • mitter78

        Chill the fuck out, dude.

      • McBeastie

        Yeah man, I'm sure Suz meant it's great that the Chive is around to publish and celebrate this day with all Chivers who aren't complete fucktards. Get over yourself.

  • bravesfan0690

    Glad to see it's not just "white folk" rejoycing. The world will sleep just a little bit better each night knowing that US Navy SEALS have completed the mission. Great job guys!!

    • Larry

      Kind of confused by the "white folk" thing… everyone suffered because of 9/11. Not just "white folk".

  • MonmouthScots

    The chills I get from looking at these is amazing. There's just so much American Pride amongst all these pictures. God Bless all the soldiers, and those who died for this cause.

  • proof

    #3 – isn't that Osama? see…he is alive, and living in the US!

    • Brah

      Not funny, man. I thought that picture was touching, showing that everyone is celebrating and rejoicing. Not just Christians.

  • b-ry

    really #14 ????
    more like Osama thousands and Obama 1

    • 90sgamer

      More like Osama 3200 Obama 43000 (counting only Americans)

      • b-ry


  • Cake is a Lie

    Fix the title

  • Jtown

    How come Obama keeps getting the credit?

    • Obecny

      same reason he got elected. Because he is a superhero. DUH

    • Scyanide

      Because he is the Commander in Chief and he gave the order for the mission. Yes, the SEALS team gets the real credit but it was Obama's decision to give the order. He could have done nothing.

  • Julie06

    #18 I think it's Obama 1
    Osama 2 (towers)

    • b-ry

      or #14

    • naigoto

      Well, if you think 2 wtc towers went down that day – there's your problem, right there…

  • Yo Mamma

    Great Picture

  • David

    Jeez – what a strange country. Jingoistic onanism. Sad.

  • Suz

    take your ignorance somewhere else

  • Anthony Dalton

    Guess i would rather wear a tin foil helmet on my head than bury it.

    • chrisdg74

      Or, here's a thought: Do neither. Think for yourself.

      • Anthony Dalton

        Ummmmm thats what i am doing. Question everything cause everyone is full of shit. Myself included. Glad the guy is dead but i am more worried about the shit "we" are doing over there to cause people like this to hate us in the first place. Read your history and our greedy corporate tycoons started all this by raping that part of the world for generations. if you lived ther and had there life you would hate us to.

        • BigHate

          If you really read your history a lot of things contributed to problems in the middle east with Europe and the west. The crusades, the cold war, British imperialism and so on and so on. The biggest mistake we made was supplying the Afghans with weapons to fight the Soviets and then didn't ensure the right people were in charge. Osama Bin Laden was a terrorist and mass murderer of civilians. Let's just leave it at that for now and enjoy his demise without resorting to arguing political drivel for at least a day.

          • Anthony Dalton

            You Rawk.

            • JOE


              • Anthony Dalton

                So you will let him call me a jack ass but i come back with an intelligent retort and nuthin?

                • Anthony

                  Fuck off Chive. You lost a loyal now Ex Chiver. Freedom of speech my ass!

        • Wade Wilson

          If Rebecca Black and Justin Beiber had children, they would be disbelievers. Seriously- how much more gay can you fucking losers be? Clearly if you were capable of thinking for yourself you'd quickly realised with some pragmatism that faking his death would be stupid. But you're content just thinking you know what everyone else doesn't and they're wrong, and you're right. That's the real issue here. But seriously, you don't even exist. You're just text on my computer screen…

  • red_dawn19

    #3 should be posted. EVERYWHERE

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