It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (38 Photos)

  • Doug

    #38 thanks for that. my wife told me if i didn't get milk on my way home there wasn't gonna be any sex in my house tonight. I had forgotten

    • That guy

      That is Lichelle Marie… a pronstar…

      • That guy

        Jk its Nikki Benz

        • Wilson

          you sir, are bad at jokes.

    • WhippedOut

      Tell your wife to drag herself off the couch and get some while you slave away all day at work. Fuck.

      • Steeb

        hey, hey…i say buying milk in order to have sex….why the hell not? i don't see a problem here

        • cytokine

          Because your wife should have sex with you because she loves you and its fun, not as some sort of childish reward/punishment system.

          • WhippedOut's Wife

            Maybe it's not that fun with him. Maybe he needs some new moves.

            • Beldar

              I wish my wife would tell me not to forget the milk.. Damn her.

    • Kotlet

      Get some butter too – would not want to spoil her fun by coming home too early now would you?

  • smoonstyle

    #14 Ugly truth is ugly

    • Whatevs

      And the vast majority of them are most likely much worse looking, STD ridden groupies and fame whores, than the lovely women I've slept with. Quality > Quantity.

      • McBeastie


      • Joe

        Zack Galifianakis is the fucking man

    • Libertariandude

      I don't care. He deserves it.

    • Spivias

      is it just me
      or those looks like real ducks…..

      • yep

        hahahaha just noticed that. epic.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    dear lord i need some motivation, yes please
    #28 #19 good start

  • MoistSnuff

    #1 Yes, yes I do

    • Denise

      Very nice ???????<3 Tuesday May 3

  • Netoward

    #1 YES, PLEASE !

  • Matthew

    Zach Galifainakis is God!

  • Josh

    #38 Nikki Benz, outrage!!!!

    • Freddy Stylez

      That's just sad… sad that I also know who she is. Damn it.

  • Urban

    #8 That's not all I love.

  • Win

    #8 Fuck Yeah – Raven Riley! You are all Welcome!!!!

    • gaz


  • ISU Birds

    #12 Awesome I love the cigar in his hand.

    • Kotlet

      If you noticed the cigar…

  • Bryan

    #1 Hells yeah….!

  • Oasis

    #4 LOL

  • Roft

    Cheers to the man who killed Bin Laden!

  • lolicon

    who the f*ck is this guy?


    • ????

      zach galifinakis. from the hang over. Hillarious stand up comic!

    • Mr_Rob

      This guy must had been living with Bin Laden: No TV and no Internet. Sorry for you pal…

  • disturbed

    #38 Motivates me…. To go back to the FLBP post again.

  • Diana Santos

    #10 we girls don't do that..^_^

    • jimbo

      BULLSHIT!! I got blasted by a coworker who didnt know I walked in the room the other day, wasworse than most of my guy friends can conjur up

      • Diana Santos

        LOL i´m sure it was just a sound of the chair..jk…i´m sorry for the moment lol

    • Truth

      And you also don't lie.

      • Diana Santos

        i NEVER lie…but sometimes,i dont tell the truth…:D

    • supersniffy

      Women do not fart. Women do not belch. Therefore, they must bitch. Otherwise, they'd explode!

    • northerner

      Wrong, Diana. Have heard many a "toot sweet" from lovely tushes. My lovely lady's included…not a problem, though…

      • Diana Santos

        i was just kidding…but in public? only if we cant avoid…:$

  • Kyle Cruz

    #32….talent observed and recommended

  • KCJake

    Does anyone else notice that most "demotivational" posters should just be a caption instead?

    • Al Bondigas

      Substitute your own like "I was out with Rihanna and she showed me this trick", and then I showed her a trick

  • Brian King

    #37 Cool Hat!

  • czoszeski

    #15 FTW

    #27 What if, earthquake!!!!

    • BentWrenches

      #27 I shop there regularly

      • Seven


    • Gaucho Pride!!

      #27 is Keg and Bottle in Isla Vista (college town next to UC Santa Barbara). @czoszeski, Santa Barbara is very prone to earthquakes.

  • indyfame

    #14… you may be right

  • Brother Maynard

    #22 There's a bike?

    • Jim

      Who is this girl?

  • shadedclan


    Nikkie Benz go google her

  • Username Taken

    #31 Looks like theres gonna be 2 happy endings..

  • BentWrenches

    #27 El Cajon blvd @ college ave near SDSU great selection

    • GK-4

      what the hell happens if i want top-shelf stuff and it falls down?

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