It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (38 Photos)

  • Q money

    #3 I would put her "bicycle seat" in my mouth

  • greasdupdeafguy

    #1 giggidy

  • Daris

    I definitely have no idea what this is talking about.

    • hesaidwhat860

      glad im not the only one

    • anthony

      agreed. can someone explain?

  • Evelyn

    a bj a day keeps the doctor away, i always say…

  • boom

    every single one of these are reposts from other sites . . .

    check out cheezburger or funnyjunk/reddit if you want to get more and ones that are at least a little bit closer to the original.

  • Bad joke

    #34 …yeah you were the only one who noticed

  • sdfdcc

    What is #34?

  • equalizermax

    #17 – That is not a telescope, that's a vibrator

    • Beldar

      And it belongs to Linda McCartney. Hmmm.

  • topher

    Well three meals a day…

  • @Pasha723

    #10 Uh, girls don't fart…so….

  • jugg

    Damn I hate spoilers…

  • Diana Santos

    dr. strange pants

    thanks for your brilliant scientific opinion.
    but i only give up if you show me your strange pants…im really curious..xD

  • Ian

    #25 is what's wrong with america

    • Ken

      That a 16 year old wants to get pregnant to be on a TV show….you see a problem with that?

  • Shane Woodward

    Keg and Bottle, San Diego, CA
    Yup pretty epic store.

  • WirelessCable

    #1 Yes!
    #8 I have never played halo… I only see a hot girl…
    #11 dick gothard, gothard, *blink* got hard… ohhhh!
    #14 doubt it…
    #22 what bike? *blink* ohhh!

  • zac

    19 is down the road from my house. like 5 minutes

  • Anonymous poster

    #37 England, f*ck yeah!

  • mouse209

    #37 A General, a bubble wand and Lwaxana Troi walk into a palace…

  • Khaqan Javaid

    That is a Kite, I saved two yesterday at my farm. Someone had shot & injured them. Both flew away after a while. Happy ending 😀

  • Anonymous

    80% of theese are from verydemotivational and motifake.

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  • jeremy
  • GregS18348

    Just down the road from Beaver Lick. No really. I'm not kidding. Northern Kentucky's got it right!

  • Poolololololol

    Line them up, I can watch porn while they work.

  • corey

    #9 DERP

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