Osama Bin Laden is gone. It’s Springtime in America (30 Photos)

  • bbbutter

    A truly AWESOME post Chive!

    You douchers who find negativity at a time like this…GO LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!

    USA USA USA!!!

    • ChronicWanker

      I do live somewhere else fuckhead

  • Smudge

    Bin Laden has been dead for years, that America would buy into this bullshit shows they'll buy into anything. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2009/12/05/years-of-

  • Guy Incognito

    I don't think he was poking insults at anyone That Guy. He has a point in his own way, that death shouldn't be celebrated.

    It's a good thing that the world is rid of a monster like Osama but unfortunately it's just going to result in another eye for an eye.

    That being said, I'm glad that a disgusting, evil mastermind like Osama is gone from the world and thank you to all the hidden hands across the world in all countries that play a part in finding threats an eliminating them / keeping peace and happiness.

    • That Guy

      i guess he could have said it better. it's not death that is being celebrated though. it's justice. death is just the bi-product. justice wins.

  • Fionn

    Osama Bin Laden was not a pleasant individual, not by any means but to celebrate his death, I'm sorry Chive but thats more than morally questionable. I find it in very bad taste, regardless of who he is or what he has done, a person's death should not be a cause worth celebrating.
    As a person who has witnessed death first hand frequently in the last week, I'm not impressed. Chive I'm disappointed, and honestly thought you had more cop on.
    As for the jubilation on the streets, how can ye (Americans) claim to be more civilized and progressive than those whom you fight considering thats exactly how Al Qaeda exalt the murder of American/British…etc soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq…etc.

    Yours Solemnly


    • Chive_On

      Being civilized is a matter of perspective. If you look at every conflict throughout American history, we're fucking barbarians when we need to be.

      Celebrating Osama's death is wrong, yes. Celebrating the fact that justice was done for the acts of terror he brought to US soil unprovoked isn't. Some of us barbarians just have a little trouble expressing the difference.

      • Fionn

        Fair reply man, very true…fair duce

    • http://twitter.com/Houseman4 @Houseman4

      al qaeda celebrated killing about 3,000 people on September 11th. I think USA deserves this one.

      • Fionn

        Thats just it though, show your better than them, don't stoop to their level, if you do, what have you achieved?

  • That Guy

    at first i thought your pic was the lead singer to nickelback then i realized it was a dog. nice

  • El Chiverino

    Well, I haven't copied a Will Farrell picture to a web profile, so you got me there… And yeah, compared to you and Lauren, I have a crappy life… If only I could post underwear pics on the web… Damn bad luck life. The only thing keeping me going is the fact I am not like you, considering your measurement for accomplishment in life…

    • Rwrgr


      • Annira

        #6 Man, the one on the right is a hottie! I’ve awlays said that if I lost everyone near and dear to me here at home, I’d move out to Israel, sign my life away to the IDF, and find a hot Israeli girl named Yael to spend the rest of my days with.

    • Lauren Gentile

      My life centers around posting pictures of myself in underwear online? That's news to me!

      And here I thought Homeland Security was important…

      • El Chiverino

        Calm down there superstar, where did I say your life revolves around that, I was commenting on his ideals of what accomplishment is… simmer down

        • Lauren Gentile

          I though that this line was directed towards me: "If only I could post underwear pics on the web". It's cool though. We both can agree that if that's an accomplish in your life then you might need to reevaluate your priorities. 😉

          • El Chiverino

            alright, you obviously didn't read anything before… so continuing this discussion is like banging my head against a wall. Good luck with that whole college thing though…

            • Lauren Gentile

              In what way did I not "read anything from before"? Who else in this thread has pictures of themselves in lingerie online? You obviously were being sarcastic in your comment but you've been trying to 'pin me down' all day and the majority of it has not been so light-hearted, so good luck with that whole being socially and mentally cognizant thing…

              • El Chiverino

                self centered much? I was talking about the accomplishment line. You thought that I believed it was an accomplishment, however, I don't. But you are right, your mind and intellect are just too much for my feeble comments. Now lets just call it a day with the arguing.

                • Lauren Gentile

                  Read much? And I quote: "We both can agree that if that's an accomplishment in your life then you might need to reevaluate your priorities." We clearly both agree that it is NOT an accomplishment. Hence why I replied to your statement that "[I] obviously didn't read anything before".

                  • Tyler


                    • That Guy

                      Lauren wins but i am bias… as most guys will be.

                    • El Chiverino

                      didn't see that one coming….

    • That Guy

      you assumed that i meant posting pics online is an accomplishment. she has graduated with a degree, working on her masters specializing in homeland security and hopes to join the FBI or US Marshals, all while holding a full time job, and dabbling in photography. more and more things on top of that… so that is what i mean when i say accomplished. but please assume away its doing wonders for my proving you are an idiot with not even one logical bone in your body.

      • El Chiverino

        Stalk her much? you need to be put on some kind of watch list. Her own mother doesn't know this much about her, creeper. What are you, her fucking publicist?
        p.s. – thanks for proving what a freak you are

        • That Guy

          so you don't know anything like that about your friends? what a piss poor friend you are. she is a friend that i have the pleasure of conversing with so yes i know more than her name.
          but this explains it… your mom didn't know anything about you so you can't picture a world where mothers love their children and want to know them. don't take it out on us because your own mother didn't love you. now i just feel sorry for you.

          • El Chiverino

            HA! A friend! You lonely little man. You have an internet buddy that you type messages to on her blog!!! Alright, this isn't even fail, it's like making fun of a retard at this point, just too cruel. You win, you have a friend you type messages to on a blog….

            • That Guy

              'this isn't even fail, it's like making fun of a retard…"… you are right… it's not even fail. all fail in love and war. hmmmm that sounds fail. i'd say she had a fail complexion. yes. i am the retard.

          • Lauren Gentile

            I don't care what this angsty prick has to say, you are my friend and I am damn honored that such is the case. He has a chip on his shoulder, for whatever reason, and it's just unfortunate that some people feel the need to berate others just for the sake of being cruel and heartless. Some people just like to 'start shit' and he (or she) is just one of those individuals.

            • Don_Aguelo

              Why don't you all three get fucking email accounts on Yahoo or something and finish your lame-ass conversation away from The Chive?

              PS: GTFO

      • King Wenceslaus

        Her comments from her blog yesterday probably would preclude her from ever working for the FBI or US Marshals office.

  • fiftyville

    "Great Satan", my butt. We awesome!

  • twk

    haters going to hate. good job america SEMPER FI……

  • Hudson

    this whole album is amazing. as a member of the USN medical corps attached to the USMC i must say thank you chive!

  • Gaz

    Congratulations America in taking revenge over the 11 september.
    A lot of people can't understand your joice about Bin Laden's death because they didn't had 3000 people killed because of him. And some are from my country 🙂
    Please just don't consider it and forgive them as i think it's understandable.
    And please stop thinking that french people hate americans, this is what medias want us to believe.
    I love my country and i love America !

    Hail from France !

    • CDN

      During the Iraq war over 100000 innocent civilians have been killed, all because the US invaded Iraq based on Hussein working with Bin Laden and WMDs (both of which were proven false). Who are the real terrorists?

  • McBeastie

    European intelligence was a huge part of hunting Bin Laden as well as tracking down his cells located all over Europe. They should chant too.

    • Chiefs420

      If that was the standard alot of countries in the world would have the right to chant. Pretty sure thats American lead currently residing in his cranium at the bottom of the ocean. Not fucking deep enough.

      • McBeastie

        Listen, all I'm saying is that it's a world wide victory and that everyone should join in the celebrations. Yeah, we killed him…and we will remind everyone of that all the time, but the terrorists should know that the world rejoices in Bin Laden's death…not just us infidels over here.

  • switches

    as much as i love my country could you put any more white people in a gallery about usa?
    -a brown skinned american

  • caleb

    #17 I've got bad news for you….

  • Anon e-moose

    The picture of a field full of fatties isn't exactly inspiring. Neither is a giant stand of candy. We're fat enough as it is.

  • CudaMan

    Grants Pass Oregon!

  • bab

    I guess a hopeful america includes only white people and stereotypes from 1950.

  • Sir_Real

    #18 Way to rep the Phillies!

  • Corwin

    Thank you, thank you…

  • Osama Bin Laden

    Watch out for my Jihad nigga!

  • JJMC

    #20, Grants Pass. A the most beautiful small town in America, nestled in the Cascade Mountains of southern Oregon. HOME!

  • noirakita

    While the death of Bin Laden gives us Americans hope, yes, there are still many despots in the world. And rejoicing in the death of anyone, no matter how evil, just sickens me. Yes, I agree he needed to be gotten rid of, but comments about how wonderful it is that he is dead are disgusting. Also, Compare and Contrast Nationalism to Patriotism. Basically, and not always, but usually, Patriotism is loving your country. Nationalism, is thinking your country is better than all others. We Americans are no better than anyone else, any other country in the world. We all have our ups and down. I love the USA, but I'm no better than anyone in England, Pakistan, Japan, Egypt, anywhere. Consider that, reflect on what has happened, and move on to a new day with a hope of peace in the world.

  • jus sayin

    you know we have the parachuute game in the uk too, why does it symbolize how awesome america is?

  • aussie

    Really…? Why did they/you go there then…? What did those brave, very young Americans, give up their lives for..? Why have thousands of Iraq's, and now Afghans died. And the American count has not yet finished. Support your troops… bring them home..!

  • John

    I ran on #22 yesterday.


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