Fit girls are hot….I definitely think fit girls might be hot (31 Photos)

Chivers, your thoughts???

  • bbqboobs

    #7 I don't know what's going on here, but I want in.

    • ROK247

      pre-sexytime warmup/stretching. don't wanna pull a muscle! er..wait…

  • Livinthedreamm

    #27 … You win

    • Pusher

      Janessa Brazil. Google it. Do it. Do it now.

      • Boris

        She is in "The Clem Gym"

      • grrregg

        You are a god

      • Rhys

        Thank you Pusher… its glorious!

    • Brad

      She doesn't really count as a "fit girl", she's a pro nude model and cam girl more than a fitness freak…

    • b-ry

      not that i'm complaining but who does this at a gym?

    • Nate2003

      elbows too pointy/10 😉

      dat ass…

  • Catence

    #20 is pretty cute.

    • BeccaB86

      Cute isn't the first word that came to my mind, but you're right, she is.

    • Ben King

      I agree, more like flaming lava hot…

    • JayRo

      this one requires a find her request

    • Charles

      #20… BRAZIL !!!

  • LarsfromNorway

    #11 Seriously?? she has bigger arms than Mark Wahlberg

    • Dorf

      Bigger penis too.

    • Den

      Say hi to your mother for me….

    • zombie

      then marky mark has pretty damn small arms.

    • Jimmy

      Having banged both of them, advantage…..Whalberg!

    • Pat

      Her arms aren't even close to the size his arms are.

  • Dante

    #29 Allison Stokke is amazing….trully beautiful..

    • hMMMM

      Have you seen her lately? She blew the fuck up.

      • Nick

        Really?!??!?!?!??! that sucks

        • Sean

          She did not. I see her at the RSF pretty often. She is still thin. She gained like 10lbs max.

  • ChuckDeezz

    Wow some of these chics are scary lol. As a man i cant talk to a chic thats buffer or more cutt up than me and im a pretty fit guy. 7,8,16,25, 13 and 26 would get the business fa sure.

  • Jarvis

    this insanity must be cured

  • kyle

    #16 smokin hot girl is smokin hot

    • bigD


    • IamWhoIam

      that was the one girl i thought was not hot, due to her looking like a stick.

  • Lunakohntic

    Damn, she looks like she could do some damage!

    • funsizelvis

      i might be scared…

      • chrisdg74

        I might be aroused.

    • Nate2003

      too veiny/10

      • venromero

        like my wang 🙂

  • Netoward

    This kind of post makes me realize I should be working ou… Oh, Daily Morning Awesomeness 😀

  • Flyer

    Check out the cameltoe on #18

    • Shawn Forth

      LOL, too much muscle tone for me on a woman.

  • Addam West

    #27 and #28. just wow. also, #3 #12 #14 are just as amazingly gorgeous

  • TheChiver

    so THATS where my hammock went…

    • Horiable

      jamie eason, she's super nice irl

      • Roscoe

        And she has a super nice tush!

    • Alex

      Son, I have bad news for you. The fact that you noticed the hammock first……

      • TheChiver

        Alex, Its called a joke…

        Welcome to the chive…

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    i would let them benchpress me all day long
    #27 what an ass! amazing

  • n1ghtstalker

    #9 and #13 are so cute.
    There is something wrong with #16 – Gorgeous Face but her body is anti hot!
    Oh and #27 Your Doing it Right! Please come and teach the girls at my gym your jedi methods!

  • Anon

    Not only do you do another "fit girl" post, you make it over 50% reposts from previous fit girl posts.

    The ones I am 100% sure you have already posted: 3,6,7,10,14,17,18,23,26,28,29.

    And we all know #19 is the only kind of "woman" Bob likes.

    • Kyle

      With the exception of #19, I'd drool over each and every other woman posted here.

  • Johnny Crosslin

    #1 more of Jamie Eason here:

    • Alex

      Cropping her ass out of a picture should be a federal offense

    • DMH

      You Sir a legend. I've been searching for who she is… shame she's so ripped – she's amazing!

  • V.A.

    #8 Oh my god, wow is she hot.

    • Blake

      Yea, this is out of this world sexy!

      • Blake

        Find her?

    • twisty

      Does she have a mustache?

      • miclflo

        that's what it looks like!!!! haha

    • paulhitchcock

      That's Wendy Lucas.

  • heuer21

    ya know, I would date one of these girls but the problem is they wouldn't date me because I don't work out lol

    • Blake

      That doesn't mean a damn thing…true you might not find them since they obviously spend a lot of time in the gym..

  • Grant

    MOAR of #20 and #28

  • spex


    I want that stomach, both on me and on top of me.

    • Mina

      me too

  • WhiteVanMan

    They are NOT hot…why dont you just go and ass ram a man then because they are not far from that.

    • name

      you're a pussy

      • That Guy

        don't insult the pussy now by calling whitevanman one of them. i might go celibate.

    • patov40

      Go have another donut tubby.

    • anonymous

      why don't you just ass ram a whale

  • Methoes

    #20 #27 Yes please!!

    • Anon

      My thoughts exactly. The only two that aren't men in disguise. Anything more than this, you'd better be some sort of super athlete woman. Or a dike.

  • yuri

    #24 gotta love surfer girls

    • Lauren Gentile

      She is just 100% perfect.

      • RMT

        Who is she? Must find!

        • JerzeyJ

          Stacey McMahon, Australian model/motorcycle racer. She used to be in the "pumped up down under" calendars.

    • mark

      Love the surfbo… err washboard abs.

  • Bruce

    Tone it down a bit ladies, you look like a man with a woman's head. Yukkk!

    • patov40

      Glad to hear Bruce. You keep the muffin tops. More fit girls for us!

    • That Guy

      you look like woman with a man's head…. have another twinkie C-Cup.

      • Nick

        he must be emoooooooo haha – go cut yourself

    • anyong

      stop being a phaggot

    • SRT


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