Fit girls are hot….I definitely think fit girls might be hot (31 Photos)

Chivers, your thoughts???

  • MoeDizzle

    i went to high school with #19. she used to be a little cutie until she met the bicep curl

  • thatguy

    Most of u are hotter than the gates of hell…. but some have over done it, looking like the next bulge u develope will be from your nuts. Yuckey

  • Kris

    #24 absolutely gorgeous. I would love to get to meet that girl.

  • SRT

    Well most are amazing!
    But how on earth can anyone like muscular girls???!!!

    #5 ,10,11,15,17,18!!! Oh my goodnss theyre manly!!

    • Guest

      Ok nt 5 but others!

  • RocCity

    So much yummy here. Love the fit posts.

  • <3Fit

    #14 #16 #18
    Hell yes!

  • bee

    xmas is almost here…santa please…#2

  • steve-O

    girls who are fit…yes those are hot. girls with man arms and popping vanes are kinda creepy.

  • Hono7

    #28 gorgeous

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