• Anakrusix


  • clenis9

    ummm, looks kinda gay to me…

    • Dan

      Drinking wine…feet up in the air…fire place? I think clenis is right, guys yes..but gay.

      • Randy Marsh

        Well then I must be gay because that looks super comfortable to me. I want something similar

        • dacrawla

          Well then as it stands Randy Marsh = Gay. It's in the books sir.

        • TitoRigatoni

          It does look like a very comfy living room. It looks nothing like a man cave.

    • Henry Gibson

      I think you misspelled "incredibly" there.

      • Steve

        I think you mistook us for giving a shit.

    • Flicka

      Yea… nice yoga ball.

    • Chris

      So where's the man cave?????????????????????

    • O.B.L.

      lol, same here! saw feet in the air then the wine, fuck the cushions off and get some
      proper HT chairs

  • bravesfan0690

    Nice. But where is the bar?

    • Jakub Wrobel

      Was just about to say that.

    • Flicka

      Or the xBox? Is that a yoga ball? You have a yoga ball but no weights? "Man" cave my ass.

  • XOS2

    looks like a woman cave to me

  • checks

    zagz first

  • Nicky b

    why do I force myself to look at this amazing stuff that I will never have! Sick living rooms, hot girls with great humps and gaps… sigh

  • cbs5090

    Gay…sorry but it is.

  • pdiddily420

    What's that big white bubble in the front right of the room?

    • Mook

      That is the bubble they hide in now. Gays no longer hide in closets.

      • Flicka

        It's the yoga ball. Yea… no weights but they got a yoga ball. Hm.

  • RlPPLE

    hmm too many wine glasses, pillows, and bare feet, more like a metro cave

    • Crazy Carl

      Metro cave, would be correct, though still technically a man cave something manly is needed to spruce the place up…i.e. pinball machine or stromtrooper costume (thanks barney stinson)

      • Ripple

        yes pinball and a kegerator could turn this place right around

        • hMMMM

          or Chivettes.

    • St.George

      They're probably drinking port.

    • Flicka

      Yoga ball has to go too.

  • Andrew

    So who at Chive HQ browses reddit for these photos?

    • Vagina Jones

      You know, most of the things on reddit aren't original right?

      • Jimbo

        Kind of like you

    • Andrew's Mom

      My precious boy, when you were conceived a solitary bead of nut sweat rolled down your father's shaft and mixed with his seed, from which you were created. Hopefully this will explain why you're such a goddamn water head.

    • Paula_


      – the one you love to hate

      • Billy Bob

        Captain troll plays along quite annoyingly.

    • Andrew

      It's no big deal. Just curious. It just seemed that when something become popular on reddit, it usually shows up here the next day.

      Still love the chive, just asking an honest question

      • hMMMM

        Shut up, asshole. You tried to be a jackass but it didn't work, so don't try to brush it off oh so nonchalantly.

  • festerpus

    lotta gay on the chive today

  • BentWrenches

    chic cave #1

  • simon

    BRAIN WAVE!!!!

    "Mancave Monday"

    chivers submit pictures of their man cave, and the chive pick the best to put in a post. Cos we've all got our little setup or little place we go to get away.

    Thumb me if you'd be up for it chivers!

    • Jimbo

      Mind the Gap in the Man Cave Mondays!

      • Paula_

        Can still be improved: Mind the Gap of the burn your bra FLBP redhead freckled Chivettes in the Man Cave Mondays!

        – knowing it can STILL be improved

        • Paula_

          OMG I just read back what I wrote and came…

          – brb, cleaning pants

    • derp

      If you have to declare a sad little space in your basement as your “man” space, are you really much of a man? Do you even deserve a cave? How about this… the whole house is my God damn cave, deal with it.

  • Nick

    why is this cool?

  • Steve

    No sports in a man cave? No neon bar lights?

    • Country Boy

      Agreed, this cave needs some serious work. See a couple of the above posts for some additional requirements.

  • prankster

    no homo.

  • Nate2003

    It's not a man cave unless it has a jerk-off station.

    • Nate2003

      Oh come on!!! you guys never seen "I love you Man"??? >_<

  • equalizermax

    Where's the beer fridge?

  • drksdr

    cool concept.

    badly implemented.

  • Jayson

    My man cave put this to shame.

  • davisrj

    I can fix this, mechanical bull in the middle using the pillows as fall cushions, wet bar on the left side of the room by the door and on the right side of the room install a stripper pole and turn those two goofy ass chairs into the next batch of fire wood, and for gods sake turn on some football!

  • Paula_

    Boycave at best.

    – familiar with caves

  • AsciiAdam

    Is that wine? Man cave no have wine! Man cave no have pillows too. Me says, enough room for pool table, burn pillows.

  • Jimbo

    yet, you took the time to reply.

  • Steve

    This comment is epic.

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