• StuScottsLeft Eye

    It's a nice living room but can't be classified as a Man Cave…No man cave has pillow floors, unless your Snoop. 2nd…There is a window that leads presumably outside, thus it is not a cave. Man caves need to be in the basement or in a bomb shelter for 100% privacy and shelter from the outside world and more importantly, wives, girlfriends or mistresses.

  • Adam

    red wine and a movie by the fire…
    get some sports and some beer because right now it looks like you're all dating

  • AbedNadir

    I'll stick with my pillow fort thank you very much.

  • cake is also a lie

    a bunch of dudes laying around . . . its not gay . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • JWW

    have to say no to this being a man cave for the following OBVIOUS reasons:
    1. no dead animals stuffed or hanging from the walls
    2. no visible firearms or harmful toys
    3. no visible bar
    4. no visible game consoles or arcade games
    5. no visible signs of cars, motorcycles, and porn – memorabilia, etc.
    6. no barricade – i.e. locked and non-penetrable door – blast door etc.

  • Mike

    Lame – no bar, pool table, dance pole for the babes, multiple TV for sports, video games, shuffle board table. Might as well just throw a couple of guys on the pillows going at it – Gay Cave.

  • James

    switch the pillows to lazy-boys and toss in a poker table. then it's legit

  • medtxpack

    that aint a man cave…fire is about the only manly thing in there.

  • top dog

    #1 Yeeeeaaaaahhh, but I want my man cave to be full of women, not men.

  • napamamascribe

    No Cars, Booze, or stripper poles? My boyfriend must be doing it wrong

  • 2cool4skool

    #1 it's perfect!
    I love the carved in architectural look of it, and light tones, plus cool furniture. The fireplace and projector are really what do it for me though.

  • DoubleD

    What's the film? Bladerunner – dope, makes up for mild wussiness of massive, styling, tv room.

  • Chris

    SO WHERE'S THE MAN CAVE??????????????????

  • Beast7818

    There are some things missing here. Looks more like a romance room.

  • F audibulus

    Looks more like a hook up cave to me.

  • northerner

    Regardless of the negative comments, I would gladly have a living room/family room this nice. Especially the awesome fireplace with the wood stacked neatly to the right. To each his own. Don't understand, I guess, the definition of gay in regards to this room. Please leave me to my ignorance. Nice room. Nice Plasma screen. What's the rest of the house look like?

  • Joe B

    Because real men like to lay on a giant pillow thing together

  • Jake

    More like a "Flamecave", Nice fireplace for the flamers to watch if they've seen "Fried Green Tomatoes" already. Real men don't lay on giant pillows with there feet up like a little girl, just sayin. I hope you don't have the "later" photo where they are all in a gay pile. haha

  • John_Wayne_


  • moesdiner

    Ackward New Experience Man Cave.

  • Finster Abbey

    If you have to declare a sad little space in your basement as your “man” space, are you really much of a man? Do you even deserve a cave? How about this… the whole house is my God damn cave, deal with it.

  • Streetcleaner

    This is the gayest mancave ever.

  • Jen

    John, you need your man card revoked until you get your shit together!

  • Britters

    So totally mine!!!

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