Once again, a low down dirty good time (27 Photos)

  • Nobody

    #27 Paparazzi: the reason the princess never tells you which castle she is in

    • theo

      that is hot hahaaa

    • Ryan

      Video game erotica: One reason you'll never get laid.

    • Sharky

      not sure I really needed to see that…

    • lolboner

      I have the weirdest boner right now

    • jdb

      Your comment = you win

    • Hich

      Stupid rule 34…

    • Jak

      #21 just made my head explode. Let's go through the list:
      2 hotties – Check
      Star Wars – Check
      Corvette – Check

      Yup. Epic pic

      • http://www.facebook.com/mickael.duncan1 Mickael Duncan

        Everyone being underage? Not so check,

    • IamWhoIam

      mixed reactions on this one….

  • Catence

    #12 – caring dads always lube….makes the jar at my parents house seem much more disgusting now.

    • P90

      They just put it on their bedroom doorknob so the kids couldn't come in.

  • Captnjack

    #25 Wow, way to fail, Fox. Cue the conspiracy theories…

    • Alec_Is_Epic

      I find it funny that this happened in more than one local fox news.

      • JPC

        And I had the misfortune of catching 5 minutes of Glen Beck on FNC today while flipping through the channels. At one point, while he was trying to downplay the credit we are giving Obama, Beck said something along the lines of (not direct quotes here, but very close) "Oh yeah, I'm sure pulling the trigger on Obama was a tough…. I mean….pulling the trigger on bin Laden was a real tough call."

        Yeah, sure that was just an innocent slip, Beck.

    • Stevo

      How many times can Fox get away with pulling the same 'innocent slip'

      • shaka

        As many times as MSNBC can report false garbage.

        • get outa here

          get outa here with that. Yea MSNBC has a liberal slant. But Fox has been shown to make shit up over and over again. Not to mention they took GOP talking points straight from the Bush white house. I'm not saying this cus I think it. It's true. Just because you don't agree with MSNBC doesn't mean it's fales. Fales is reporting that there are riots and fights in Madison, Wi and showing footage of a labor gathering in Florida of people fighting and insinuating that that is Madison, WI. There were palm trees in the background and no snow in March. Yea, not Madison, WI. Oh and how about most of the Fox "reporters" questioning Obama's citizenship and MSNBC didn't employee Glenn Beck. And yes Olberman was off his rocker, but he didn't jump off the deep end and then dig a hole deeper. I could keep going but I'm out

          • j_rizzo

            False is Dan Rather reporting on obviously forged documents that "proved" Bush went AWOL while in the Texas ANG – oh wait, that wasn't a fringe deep cable network that nobody watches, that was CBS.

        • Smart Con

          MSNBC definitely has a liberal slant, 'lean forward' BS. But Fox news is pure propaganda from the republican establishment. You might be ok with that, but lets not pretend its something its not. Most of the republican presidential candidates work for fox and its run by a Republican strategist, for that purpose.

          Studies show that people who watch Fox are largely misinformed about facts much more than watchers of any other news organization. I stopped watching when they reported that the taliban were training chimpanzees to attack American soldiers. Their source originated from the "World Weekly News' same one that publishes about 'Bat Boy'. They should be called 'Faux News' or the Republican Establishment Message channel.

          I'm a true conservative but I rather not be lied to, or treated like an idiot. I don't watch any cable news. Just get your news online. Easier to verify truth.

          • j_rizzo

            The Taliban rumor originated in China, the article can be found in "The People's Daily" here: http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/90001/90777/908….

            After ten seconds of research I realized that Fox's story was a reaction to the article above.

            I'm beginning to think that you're not as well informed as you believe you are.

        • Petey

          MSNBC isnt a beacon of truth by any means and yeah they definitely lean to the liberal side but Fox News (which actually isnt pictured here, local Fox stations are generally less biased) is clearly and unapologetically conservative and has on countless occasions broadcasted blatantly false statements as truth. Gretta van Sustern and a couple others are good journalists but a lot of them are anti-liberal at any expense. MSNBC fined and suspended Keith Olberman for giving money to political campaigns whereas Fox completely allows their employees to do it. Fox is the Mecca of hypocritical and politically biased broadcasting

    • Eastwood

      You know what's really funny?? Chive made the same slip…and everybody was commenting on how they should "change the title". Yeah, i agree, cue up the conspiracy theories… :-/

      • Sick

        Chive made in once…

      • http://www.facebook.com/timothy.parrish3 Timothy Parrish

        Only Slips the Chive make is with nips.. and I approve..

        • Eastwood


    • http://twitter.com/JuanGonzalezXO @JuanGonzalezXO

      Sacramento Fox 40!

      • Brazzers

        Chive on from folsom!

    • Jack Mehoff

      Thats not a slip for fox, they are just plain fucked up.

    • Ryan


      Jimmy Kimmel got a lot too and oh wow more than just Fox News did it.. πŸ˜€

      God some of you people are ridiculous , Fox News is Bad, MSNBC is Liberal, CNN doesn't do shit (wait that one works lol)

      Many news outlets jacked that up from Over seas to right here.. Get over it, with your Fox News sucks because they like conservatives, MSNBC is a Liberal loving whore.. They both do favorable stories to the bases they cater too.. I've seen false stories on MSNBC as well as Fox News.. I've heard all sorts of crazy stuff from CNBC.. I also like how people tend to base a network on their OPINION shows not their regular reporting shows.. Way to go people.. :thumbup

      • Greg

        CNN may not do shit…but they have Robin Meade in the morning. I can just just turn the sound off and look at her "-)

    • whocares

      HAHA not yet!

    • Marklar

      This is from Sacramento, CA local news. Its like public access with a budget.

  • masniburek

    #27 – Is it bad that I think she's hot??

    • Alec_Is_Epic

      Is Osama Bin Laden still alive?

      • weezay


        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erich-Backhus/591747781 Erich Backhus


    • JAS

      Whatever gets you 1-up.

  • Mystery

    Thumbs up if you love Futurama! #14

    • Adam

      Not really thinking about using my thumb. Apologies for being crass, couldn't resist.

    • asdf

      i dont remember bender being that hot…

    • V4Vendetta14

      Want to stick my input into that Bender's output…

      • Virgin ^^^^

        Hahaha, you definitely got that backwards

  • Aahsome

    uh….the devil doesnt punish anybody…
    -answered by a mormon. an awesome one at that. oh and a sexy one.

    • Sk8ergi360

      Pretty sure his job is to punish sinners for eternity. Either that or take it from Suddam Hussein.

      • Alec_Is_Epic

        It's definitely the second one. I saw it on tv.

        • YupYupYup

          South Park. I saw that one too.

    • KFC

      it may be the devil's job to punnish sinners in some religions but others have diffrent viewpoints, mormons believe that the devil is just a douche who wants more people to suffer with him. just because you have a different viewpoint dosent mean you need to hate, ignorant asses will thumbs down but regardless of your deity of choice, judgement of others and hate are universially condemened.

      • Sk8ergi360

        Keyboard Warrior: fighting for equality, one exasperating paragraph at a time.

      • aba

        "ignorant ass will.." followed by "judgment of others…universally condemned"

        Shall we all agree to universally condemned KFC

    • Mike

      Aahsome is right. Although it is one of the most misunderstood parts of the bible (by both believers and non believers), the devil was the first put in hell. He is not the ruler of it and has no power to punish people.

    • dub

      Aahhhhhhh hahaahahahahahahahaah


      aahaaahhhahahahaahah!!! hahaahahahah!

      You're all so dumb.

      • YupYupYup

        Better dumb than wasting time typing insane maniacal laughter at metaphysical comments that have no discernable solutions…

    • today

      The original troll was successful in dismaying and upsetting the religious reader, but because of his own ignorance, rather than his own cleverness.

    • Mr. Hunt

      PROVE IT. submit for sexy chivers this week

      • YupYupYup


  • Joe

    I think Bob may be drunk.

  • LarsfromNorway

    #12 somewehere… Pedobear is smiling

  • Suprised

    #9 What the hell.. I took that photo and she wouldn't let me have it, now it's on the Chive???

    • Bud_kk

      Thats because your a pervert and should stop sneaking into your sisters bathroom.

      • JstevensF

        You're a genius

      • Suprised

        No, was my girlfriend. I used her camera and she liked the result but didn't want anyone else to see it. The sex was great though as you can imagine πŸ˜€

        • darsh

          yeah, right. Whatever …. pathological liar πŸ˜€

          Oh no, wait …. me too, I fucked her on these very same toilets !!! ha ha ha

          • machoo

            the king tut

        • ranD

          this is already a re-post, sooo you're full of shit. but nice try tho πŸ˜‰

    • Jack Mehoff

      Life sa bitch ain't it?

  • brie

    Kent State. Finals week. Late night studying. Chive break. Thanks for breaking up the brain crunching and making me laugh!

    • Flyer

      University of Dayton thanks the Chive for breaking the monotony that is Biochemistry

    • ck4747

      Kent State! which floor of the library are you on?

      • brie

        I'm back home now… My last final is Friday! Then some much needed vacation time πŸ˜€

  • Netoward

    #2 Oh great, my minion, do it again!

    • Stevo

      I like the look of serenity on her face

    • MigraineBoy

      That's Olypic farting for you…

    • wuuu

      i like the girl on the left

      • zdrake13

        audrina patridge she is so so fine

  • neefgeefd

    #17 can't go wrong with a trio of supermodels. Candice Swanepoel is my personal favorite

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      funny, always thought adrianna lima was the shortest. glad im wrong
      candice needs a desperately burger, sorry

      • spacetrader

        all three of them need a burger. they don't even have as much meat on them as they seem to.

    • Nacho

      alessandra for me then πŸ™‚

    • Sick

      Fine with me, i'll take the other two

    • SKEWED
    • http://www.facebook.com/timothy.parrish3 Timothy Parrish

      Am i the only one who thinks photoshop? Because the foreground does not look natural with the background…

      • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

        yeah, i kept waiting for it to gif

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #9 goodness gratious, luscious lump!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004049791967 Sajid Ali Mansuri

      hiiiiiiiiii nic

  • Swarley

    #21 Winning!

    • Sizzle

      Quoting a drug addicted, unfunny, woman-beater: LOSING!

    • cromen

      more like bi-winning πŸ™‚

      • sigh

        we can only hope

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rosie-Fay/710981393 Rosie Fay

    #15 Like a BOSS

    • BobSugar

      Mantoloking, NJ?

      • Jimmy C

        Yeah…that's what I was wondering. I'd have to take them up on that offer.

      • deric

        its in brick NJ on mantoloking rd

  • DownZero82

    #8 How very true!

    • ComicBookGeek-Rookie

      was this an actual comic frame?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Simard/1321392990 Charles Simard

        I don't think so…

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erich-Backhus/591747781 Erich Backhus

          Regardless it's fucking true.

  • Joo

    #6 So Jerry isn't really a Jew… he's uncut… O.o

  • bbqboobs

    #25 Hahaha Fox news really hates Obama.

    • Your Face

      it's a local channel idiot

      • bbqboobs

        I'm well aware of that, but it's still Fox News ass.

        • GW Bush

          So does half of America……….

          • name

            Not anymore.

            • Jack Bauer

              no, i still don't like him.

        • j_rizzo

          Time for you to add another layer of tin foil. Fox News and local Fox stations are completely separate entities.

  • mrjimmyos

    #25 – Twice fox? Really?

    #10 – More like PSN firewall

    • SKEWED

      It's their damn Auto-Correct function! Still think it's hilarious!

  • neutraldespot

    #13 Squirtle

  • thicknesslover

    #14 is way better than #17

    • thinisin

      Yeah – way better at eating!

    • drksdr

      i like the way you think.

      The trio are hot, no mistake, but a little too bony for my liking.

    • Barry O.

      I may be able to arrange a 3some with #14, but I have a better shot in seeing Jesus than a 4some with #17 (or even 3 onesomes for that matter…)

    • Mike

      14 ftw. The Megan Fox look just doesn't look good… even on Megan Fox.

  • #14 The only appropriate time for hover hands so ot doesn3 end up looking like you gave the tin man a handjob.

    Milwaukee, WI

  • Bubba

    #13 Ah, Paris in the spring…hmmmm

  • acash

    #27 holy childhood…. a whole new meaning

    • Airwalktdk

      that is the second time in two days that i have seen this image. What's going on?

  • Your Face

    #20 Those old dudes were hilarious
    #19 And what was the name of her in the middle again?

    • Roar

      Yeah, please find her.

      • Guest

        Who is blue??

        • HierArch

          Find BLUE.

          • Snow_Owl

            Anyone know the blonde one in the middle?

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