The people behind the Mark 82 (29 Photos)

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    If You Ain't Ammo…you waiting on 'em

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    Seeing this pictures with my eyes is like me stepping through a time portal to years gone bye. It was 1967-67 when I was a 46250, the MOS of a Weapons Mechanic. But, trouble is I'm seeing these pictures over the net. When I was in the service I had a SECRET classification. And, we were never allowed to put out pictures of weapons that we loaded.
    The only exception to that was, when we had a air show & had a plane on static display with what it could carry. Also only inert weapons were allowed to be shown. No HE (high explosives) like what is on display here. For the novices out there if the weapon shown is painted blue or has blue bands on it, it is inert. Meaning no matter what you do to it, it will not explode. It has no high explosives in it. If it has a yellow band on it, it is filled with high explosives.


      yea well we're in an era where 24 hour news fills our heads and eyes with everything. So not to much is secret anymore. When I was an ammo troop we did a build with reporters 15 feet off the pad so they could see the new lovely JDAM being built for the range drops. We had to shine our boots for the reporters when we were gonna be at the mac humpin bombs all day in the 100 degree heat of utah. Hell they did a video of it and put it to music. And yes they were live explosives. We even had pilots come build some so they could see what a pain in the ass it was when they changed a simple fuse setting at the last minute.

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