10 Million strong to show Bin Laden death photo

bin laden photo thechive2 10 Million strong to show Bin Laden death photo

Attention Chivers, America needs your help. We could not have been happier to hear that the “man” responsible for the mass murders of Americans for years has been given justice with a bullet through his head. As you all know there is a ton of controversy surrounding the termination of Bin Laden due to Obama withholding the “death photo”. This is beyond politics, this is about closure and trust in our government. The families of the victims have the right to see this photo. Full Disclosure? Democrats, Republicans, Muslim Americans, even Canadians want to see this photo. theCHIVE, realizing we have millions of awesome fans, thought why not see if we can get the snowball rolling and grab the White House’s attention through Facebook.

We started a Facebook group, “Ten million strong to show Bin Laden death photo


a jonstewart quotable 10 Million strong to show Bin Laden death photo

  • Suffolk Tone

    There's no way America would make a decision to announce to the world that Bin Laden was dead without Bin Laden being dead. This isn't another WMD scenario where Bush said we have "enough intelligence" to find WMDs, this is a serious, full disclosure to the world that Bin Laden has been killed. Releasing the photos will do nothing besides stir up controversy and put the country at further risk. This is not like you Chive I'm sick that you're supporting such propaganda

  • Stevo

    Poor move Chive, this really isn't the kind of thing a light entertainment site should be wading into.

    • hMMMM

      Shut up. This is the Resigs' site, and if they feel strongly about an issue, then it's up to them whether they want to post or not. Doesn't matter if you agree or disagree.

      • Stevo

        Of course it matters, as they are asking for our support to get the picture shown.
        Did you even think your comment through before posting? Maybe you should stick to venting poorly considered bile on youtube and Yahoo newsboards.

  • http://malaysia.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100314064416AAdxMP2 5chan

    Screw you, chive. You bloodthirsty, ignorant fucks.
    Why don't you just stick with what you're good at? Maybe find another excuse to post some more T&A.

    • hMMMM

      Hey…how about fuck YOU? If this post offended you so much, fuck off and don't come back.

  • hMMMM

    I actually have these pictures, which I'm scanning in HQ as I'm typing. Reply with your e-mail address and I'll shoot it over to you guys later today!

  • theSENSI

    there are no pictures. he was killed years ago. this was just perfect timing for Obama and everyone else – – – the US has already recanted the 'official' story and come up with the 'real official story' lol – the thing about the truth is its hard to fuck up, lies on the other hand are a bit tricky to keep track of.

  • dildobot5000

    Very reassuring to see that the people of the chive have the right idea, even when the people running it do not. I came here expecting to see everyone agreeing with Leo, but have been happily surprised to see all the down-thumbs for the idiots that think this is a good idea. Good on you chivers, shame on you chive.

    • hMMMM

      ….says dildobot5000.

      • didobot5000

        You can do better than that, THIS IS THE INTERWEB!

        • Stevo

          actually, he can't. Bless.

  • Nard Dog

    this is the dumbest thing I've read so far today…although, I'm sure that krypto is not entirely in the minority of "Pics or it didn't happen"

    He's DEAD. Move along now.

  • jeremiah

    i'm a canadian, and have no interest in the bin laden controversy. don't use me or my country to prop up your backward bloodthirst.

    stick to photo galleries and stay out of politics, chive. weak sauce.

    • hMMMM

      Fuck off – they can post whatever they want on THEIR site.

      • Nobody

        And we can post whatever we want in their comments section. If they didn't want us to voice our opinions, there would be no comments section.

  • Ned Flanders

    How's that facebook group working out? Couldn't help but notice a ton of posts today trying to bury this obvious misstep.

  • CBurn

    Chive I am disappoint.

    And I hope you don't just pretend like this post didn't happen. PLEASE acknowledge your mistake and save yourself some face.

  • JPC

    How's that "10 million strong" going? Oh…..only 3000? Almost there.

    I always wondered what type of idiots made those Facebook groups with "___ million strong" in the title when there is no chance it will ever get that high. Now I know…..Frat-boy douchebags who need a new picture to masturbate to since they lost their "Faces of Death" video.

  • Phred

    4chan has a leaked photo up already. Osama bin laid out. =D

  • patrick

    MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!
    he is dead….enough said……..you are a bunch of ghouls…

  • Vanxidar

    after all the DARs, FLBPs, and hump days alike, now it's time to harness the (perceived) power eh chive? what would it be next year? vote Patty for president?

    • http://www.facebook.com/ancient.angel Karen Giselle DeDiego

      my sentiments exactly.

  • monkeypox

    I think osama is going to be like 2pac he's gunna be dead but come out with a new video

  • Il Duce

    Don't need to see the photo!! Stay out of this!!

  • Vanxidar

    chive is in for some all new hatin'!

  • Lou

    There is enough bad news in the world. What you guys are good at is offsetting that. Please don't change.

  • die bin laden

    maby he is dead but nobody relly knows they said they did a dna check on him and it came back postive it was him but i d not realy belive it do you???????????????????????????

  • Gonzo


    Seriously? That’s just… ghoulish, and too closely related to the birther movement to be taken seriously.

  • Del

    They could produce the body, hang him in Time Square with a death certificate and DNA analysis and there would still be skeptics… Its just as easy to doctor a photo as it is to make up a story.

    Bad post Chive…I'm disappointed!

  • Nobody

    Who wants to take bets on how many people do this before theChive gets some brains and give up? I'm guessing 7,000 people in 5 days.

  • ashamedofyou

    I find this absolutely disgusting. Really, truly disgusting. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. It's stuff like this that makes everyone hate Americans. And why not? It's disgraceful. Why would anyone want to see something so graphic and violent? We call ourselves civilized, yet so many Americans want to revel in such violence. Did he deserve to die? In my opinion, yes. There was no alternative to someone so dangerous. But that doesn't mean I want to soak in the blood of a slain man. He's a martyr to his fellow terrorists. They celebrate violent death, we do not.

    Did it ever occur to you what will happen if this photo is published? How it will become a tool for more propaganda against America? In a free society, we have to choose what is acceptable and what isn't. And this is unacceptable. No one should want to see a photo of a man shot in the head. What about our children? Do you want them stumbling across something so graphic? Are you seriously going to tell them there's nothing wrong with that? You're giving all of America a bad name.

    It's more apparent than ever how far humanity has to go to earn the title "civilized". As it is now, this is shameful. Absolutely shameful. So long as this mentality persists, humanity is doomed.

  • agreatsign

    If this administration had not already conducted itself as a conglomerate of pathological liars, I wouldn't doubt that we got him.
    Were I to hear the news directly from one of the Seals involved, I wouldn't question it for one instant.
    Coming from Obama, without any proof and with numerous revisions on the particulars, I cannot help but wonder if we're being lied to once again.

    America needs closure and for once, we need the damn truth from Obama.

    • Berbalerbs

      I bet you voted for Dubya both times he ran you ridiculous hypocritical asshole.

  • Free World Rockestra

    Everyone gives The Chive the benefit of the doubt, because they post photos of hot women, funny animals, and other photos that came from other sites. The fact this abominable post still stands after all this online backlash speaks volumes about the site's owners — controversy is better than content. This was a seriously bad move guys and you've lost a lot of core support, whether your internals show it immediately or not.

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